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Steel Mill; 5 Factors to Win the Super Bowl

The Pittsburgh Steelers always expect the top prize every season, and this year’s Steelers team is no exception. And with those lofty expectations, fans like myself are always concerned about the team’s super bowl chances. Well as the Preseason begins, and with it my coverage of the Steelers this Season, I want to scope out the five most important factors of this Steelers team in their quest to hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

  1. BenRoethkisbergerAll About the Benjamin– Big Benjamin to be exact. Steeler fans and Fantasy owners alike recognize that the big man in Pittsburgh is the engine of this NFL muscle car. Ben Roethlisberger is going into his twelfth season as one of the elite quarterbacks in the NFL. The dangerous Steelers’ offense is reliant on Ben coming up big this year. In the past seven seasons, Ben has averaged a QB rating of at least 90 and he’s had nine straight seasons of 3,200 yards thrown or more. Ben’s consistent greatness needs to continue to ensure the Steelers come out this year on top of the mountain.
  2. Please Stay Healthy– In case you weren’t aware, Pittsburgh fans go to bed every night and say a silent prayer that their stars can somehow stay on the field. In the past three play-off losses for the Steelers, they’ve had to play without one of their offensive mainstays. It seems come playoff time, the Steelers are held together with gum as of late. I know injuries affect everyone, but Pittsburgh’s success hangs on the hope that Le’Veon Bell, Antonio Brown, and especially Big Ben are still standing come play-offs.
  3. Steel Curtain Withdraw– The Steelers don’t feel like the Steelers without a dominant defense. The team is now an offensively-reliant one, and its defense is lackluster at best. Last year the team ranked 21st in overall defense, an abysmal ranking for the team where Mean Joe, Kevin Greene, and Troy Polamalu once demanded excellence. Improvement is necessary in a division where the Ravens and Bengals both can have explosive offenses.
  4. SammyCoatesAntonio and Company– This one seems self explanatory. A blind hermit from New Zealand could tell you Antonio Brown is an incredible receiver. The question is can the receivers around him also contribute at a consistent level. I think the answer is yes. If you are reading this looking for fantasy advice, both Markus Wheaton and Sammie Coates are potential sleepers that can reap huge benefits. Wheaton is the current second option for the team, but I think that Coates might be the more dangerous threat for the Steelers this year. If the other receivers can also give opposing defenses headaches, then I think Brown and the Steelers as a whole may be serious threats this year.
  5. How far can we go?– This is the ultimate question, isn’t it? Like I’ve already stated, the Steelers are in a constant state of “Superbowl or bust.” But is that a realistic goal this year? Yes it is. The AFC is a conference on the rise as a whole, but the Steelers are still one of the most consistent threats. Teams like the Raiders and Jaguars are expected to make leaps this year, but I still think the four teams that could disrupt the dream are Denver, New England, Baltimore, or Cincinnati. I think the toughest part this year for the Steelers is that the AFC North is scary good, with three playoff caliber teams and what I think is an improved Browns roster. If the Steelers can come out of their division on top, I think they might have to outgun the Patriots and stingy Broncos defense, sense Pittsburgh’s defense is a concern. I think the ceiling for the Steelers is thirteen regular season wins and hoisting the ultimate prize, if they can improve on defense and keep their offensive firepower healthy. The basement for this team though is nine wins and perhaps missing the playoffs entirely in a stellar AFC North. I think the most likely outcome is more like eleven wins, but my point is this team can beat anyone, but I’m not sure if they will.

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