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Stone Cold Podcast with Dean Ambrose

Following last night’s Monday night Raw episode, Dean Ambrose joined Steve Austin on his Stone Cold Podcast.  It will probably be the last time that he appears on it as well.  To say that the two had completely different persona styles is very true.  To say that the two struggled to work at each other’s pace during the interview would be putting it nicely.  Not only was 95% of the interview difficult to sit through, those watching it live had just sat through 3 hours of a Raw episode that was not very good.  I myself fell asleep a few times during those 3 hours & barely made it through this live podcast that ended around midnight E.S.T.

WWE claims that this is a “New Era”, but they keep failing in the same areas. New camera angles, rosters, show themes, and announcer teams can not fool fans very long.  Let’s use this podcast episode as an example. If this was truly a “New Era” that lent itself to a new way of thinking & doing things, why not pre-empt your Raw Pre-Shows for these Stone Cold Podcasts?  Trying to keep East coast time zone fans awake for these is a short-sided approach toward capturing the West coast time zone fans.  Just re-air the podcast again following Raw, dummies.  The hardcore fans on West Coast time can watch from their computers at work or stream it through the WWE phone app.  I guarantee that a large population of the fan base is watching Austin & Ambrose’s podcast on the WWE Network this evening for the first time…..those who fell asleep during Raw last night or just thought, “Screw this, I got to be up in 5 hours.”

Here’s some talking points from the interview:

  • Dean spoke of his early life in Cincinnati. Said his mother worked overnights at a factory & father worked out of state. Sounds like this lack of supervision led to Dean eventually dropping out of high school.  Dean also made an inference that he was doing drugs at the time & had stolen wrestling videos from Blockbuster Video.
  • Next Dean went on to talk about his start in pro wrestling at Our Land Pro Wrestling School in Cincinnati, where he sold popcorn, swept floors, & took bumps for 2 years until he turned 18.  At that point, he was able to start competing.
  • Dean continued to talk about his travels along the independent circuit, including a stop in Puerto Rico with Bushwhacker Luke, where he learned a vicious style of wrestling.

  • Perhaps the funniest non-awkward moment came as Dean told his story about the initial call from WWE.  He said that he thought it was a prank call & somewhat sarcastically responded throughout the phone call.  After a phone call from Joey Mercury, Ambrose realized that the call had been legit.  He would begin performing at FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling…before it was renamed to NXT) & learned under the tutelage of many, including Dusty Rhodes.

  • Ambrose talked about the debut of the S.H.I.E.L.D. & said all 3 members came in with chips on their shoulders.  Said they didn’t care if they made other veterans mad & nearly debuted with riot shields.  Austin eventually asked Dean about the group’s break up from Seth Rollin’s heel turn.  Dean said he thought the timing was perfect, they broke apart at their peak, & nobody saw it coming.  Called the moment one of the best heel turns of all time.

  • The biggest news worthy moment of the interview involved Brock Lesnar.  Austin asked Dean about his match with Lesnar at WrestleMania 32.  Steve noticed that Dean was trying to find the right words & be politically correct in speaking of his feud with Brock, in the weeks leading to their match. Eventually Dean just blurted out that he had put so much creativity into the feud & that Brock just didn’t want to do any of it. Ambrose went on to say that even in the match itself, Brock’s approach was just “lazy.”  Ouch.

  • Dean said he has a hard time memorizing lines & cut an impromptu promo on Austin.  I wonder if that previous inference of early drug use, had anything to do with his current inability to memorize lines?  Hmmm…..

At the end of the interview, Austin told Ambrose of his admiration for the pre-WWE version of Dean, Jon Moxley.  Said his character was cutting edge & “bad ass”.  Austin challenged Dean to channel that version of himself & to “raise the bar & push the envelope”, basically telling him that he had become complacent.  Dean said that he leads by example, but he was fired up that Austin had called him out.  We’ll see about that.


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