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Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up

Welcome to the latest edition of the Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up, which details everything in the past week in women’s wrestling, beginning with Monday’s Raw.

Raw kicked off with newly crowned Women’s Champion Sasha Banks addressing the crowd in attendance before she was rudely interrupted by the woman she dethroned, Charlotte. The segment later involved Chris Jericho and Enzo Amore, and that led to Raw General Manager Mick Foley making a mixed tag team bout, which Jericho and Charlotte won after Dana Brooke’s interference. Later in the evening, Nia Jax won another squash match, this time against Aerial Monroe (of Queens of Combat fame). In the previous week, Nia’s Raw debut was against another indy talent, Britt Baker.EvaMarieSmackdownLive

The following evening’s SmackDown Live was supposed to feature Eva Marie in action for the first time, but she was portrayed as having suffered an injury and was unable to compete against Becky Lynch. I have mixed feelings about this; I do like that this “injury” thing adds to Eva Marie’s heel persona, but at the same time, the whole thing was a waste, especially since an eventual top woman (Becky) was involved. Later on, Carmella was interviewed by Renee Young at the Sportscenter-esque area, when she was interrupted by Natalya, who stated that Renee should be interviewing her. It was apparent that a match between the two would occur on the program, as Carmella did make her entrance, only to be attacked by the evil Natalya. I do love Nattie’s constant attacks, and I do like that Natalya is portrayed as a villainess who is against the “New Era,” which Carmella is a huge part of. We should see them face off this upcoming Tuesday, at the earliest.

NXT featured the official announcement that Bayley will get her rematch against Asuka at NXT Takeover:  Back to Brooklyn on the night before SummerSlam. As for that evening, Bayley was on commentary as Asuka faced off against Aliyah. Well, she was, until Asuka asked her to sit closer, as the NXT Women’s Champion made quick work of Aliyah. Also, we were treated to a segment promoting the upcoming debut of Ember Moon, which revealed that she will debut at Takeover on August 20. Ember Moon is best known to indy women’s wrestling fans (myself included) as Athena, and she was signed by WWE last fall.LilianGarcia&Father

Impact this past Thursday saw Gail Kim’s obstacle become bigger, as she had to face not only Allie, but the reigning Knockouts Champion Sienna as well. Maria originally made Allie as Gail’s lone opponent, mainly due to the fact that Maria was annoyed by Allie’s constant sycophantic attitude, but she decided to add Sienna to the mix as well. Despite the roadblock, Gail was victorious once again. One has to wonder where this is going. Bound For Glory is two months away, so a lot can happen regarding the Knockouts. Impact will be live this upcoming Thursday, and I hope that Chelsea Green makes her debut!

Lilian Garcia announced on Monday that she’ll no longer travel with WWE, as she is spending more time to care for her ailing father. Lilian has been a mainstay in WWE, debuting all the way back in 1999, during the heart of the Attitude Era. She served as Raw’s ring announcer for over a decade, leaving in 2009 only to return on SmackDown in 2012. Lilian has since returned to Raw for the last two or three years.

Last but not least, it is official:  a Women’s Championship will be added to SmackDown! Since the Brand Extension officially returned two weeks ago, fans have been wondering about the title structure on both shows. Wonder no more, as it was announced that SmackDown will have their own tag titles and their own Women’s Championship. The titles will be added after SummerSlam, and we’ll most likely see new champions crowned at the SmackDown-based Backlash PPV on September 11. It will be reminiscent of the tail end of the old Brand Extension, which saw each brand with a world title, a secondary title, a set of tag titles, and a women’s title.

A new week begins tonight, with the continued build up to both championship matches:  Asuka/Bayley at Takeover, and Sasha/Charlotte at SummerSlam. Until then!

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