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Five Things to Watch in the NFL Preseason

JordyNelsonCan you smell that? The scent of cleats and pads is in the air once again for training camps, which means preseason is right around the corner. With the preseason comes the beginning of Fantasy Football for many, so I want to give you a few things to look for that could help you get an edge on your foolish co-workers who choose to ignore the precious, precious preseason.

Ok, so I’ll start by pointing out the obvious. Injuries can make or break your fantasy team, and that starts now. Just ask guys like Jordy Nelson and Kelvin Benjamin, or the people who drafted them. It’s important not only to watch the guys that go down, but the guys who step up to replace them. It’s these replacement players that can make you look like the fantasy genius you are. Also, keep an eye on guys like Jordy Nelson and Rob Gronkowski who are nursing old wounds and trying to make a comeback.
2.Hey, Rookie
These are the players who can sometimes be the biggest question marks. Will they play? What round should I take him in? Answering questions like these can often be done in the preseason. I would keep a special eye on guys like Jared Goff and Ezekiel Elliott. These guys are going to start for sure, and could be big-time fantasy threats. Or, maybe not, but we can find out by keying in on their preseason reps and how they mesh with their fellow first-stringers.
3. Jimmy Garoppolo

Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Jimmy G just could be the real O.G. this season. Tom Brady is serving a four-game suspension, and this might just be a golden opportunity for Garoppolo to stand out. I look for him to play well and prove he’s worth a big contract as a starter this year. The preseason will tell, but remember what Matt Cassel looked like when he stepped in for Brady? Belichick will make sure his QB is a force to be reckoned with for sure.
RG3Browns4. Who Gets the Start?
There are a couple teams who still have QB positions up for grabs that should be your focus in the preseason. Denver and San Francisco both have good talent to surround whoever stands out in the QB battle, and could deserve your draft pick. Also, nothing’s worse than picking a guy who doesn’t even start.
Yes I am devoting a number to the man who made Kirk Cousins look like Peyton. Hear me out, ok. His new home is loaded with offensive fire power and consistency. RG3 doesn’t have to be great to succeed here, and if he’s doing well with his reps in the preseason, I would suggest you draft the man before one of your friends snag him instead.

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