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A-Rod Should B-Gone

One week ago I watched A-Rod wear the “Golden Sombrero” as he struck out in all 4 of his at bats against the Tampa Bay Rays. A-Rod was swinging at fast balls on the inside of the plate after they were already secured in the catcher’s mit. He was also guessing at pitches, and guessing wrong. He looked over-matched and under a huge weight that was on his shoulders.

ARodintheFieldWhat Goes Around Comes Around– I have to admit, I was smiling with every painful at-bat. I don’t like A-Rod, I don’t like how he represented the best sport in the world (although he is by far the only one). He is a liar, a cheat, and a greedy individual. What goes around comes around is a very familiar southern Ohio saying, and in this case it is very fitting as well. He embarrassed the sport many of us love, and now, he is embarrassing himself, playing the sport many of us love. I hope he never reaches 700 home runs, I hope he never gets another hit, in fact, I hope the Yankees make an infatic statement and release him.

Not Bashing But Business- I could bash A-Rod all day in both simple and complex sentences. But, what it really boils down to is business. I am sure that if he is released, he will make certain that he receives every penny that his obnoxious contract will allow. Not because he deserves it, but because both parties signed it. But the Yankees and A-Rod have built in home run milestones in his current contract. It is not enough that he makes $21 million this year and $21 million more next year. He also gets an additional $30 million for home run milestones from 660 to 763. But if he is not playing, I assume he would not be paid for those milestones.



Yankees-core-4-again-The Youth Movement- After several seasons of mediocrity, the Yankees have chosen to go down the path of youth. Since the 2013 season the Yankees have been playing for wild card births. This year the Yankees have finally decided to to rebuild for the future instead of reload for the now. At the trade deadline this season they decided to trade away some of their aging players and bring into the system, or bring up from the system and see if they can once again have a core 4. What if Jeter, Posada, Rivera, and Pettitte can be replaced with 4 young hungry kids?

The Plan and the Press Conference- The Yankees plans do not include A-Rod. Rodriguez has played in only four games over the last two weeks. For the season, Rodriguez is hitting .204/.252/.356 and has driven in 29 runs in 62 games. When asked on Tuesday about Rodriguez’s playing time over the season’s final two months, Girardi said it was difficult for him to envision a prominent role for the 14-time All-Star.“In maybe the near future, do I see [Rodriguez] getting a ton of at-bats?” Girardi said. “No, I probably don’t because of some of the changes that we’re possibly going to make here. We’re going to take a look at probably some younger players here a little bit.” Now, the Yankees have announced a press conference for Sunday morning at 11:00 am just before their scheduled wrap-up game with the Cleveland Indians Sunday afternoon. What is he going to announce? I hope he announces his retirement, but because of the financial reward he receives over the next 2 seasons I don’t see the greedy PED player who has made a total of $378,285,104.00 in his career not including any money from his $21 million due him this season. My sources tell me that he is going to sign some sort of a prearranged contract where he becomes a player manager for the Yankees. Great, that is just what we need a liar, cheat, and cheat as a baseball coach. As if Bonds and McGwire are not enough. A-Rod should B-Gone.

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