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The Tough Test For Bruce Leeroy

AlexCaceresAlex “Bruce Leeroy” Caceres was once the charismatic, outspoken contestant on season 12 of The Ultimate Fighter. After failing to win the show, Caceres’ career would be struck with a couple of submission losses. I have to admit, I enjoy seeing young, egotistical fighters humbled, but I did feel a bit sad for Alex. It was obvious that the very thing that made him “Bruce Leeroy”, wasn’t translating to the pro level. His electric personality was not enough to overcome the skills of his opponents, and back-to-back losses will steal the hunger from even the toughest MMA fighter, but Alex didn’t stop there. After winning three fights in a row, Caceres was the obvious underdog against Sergio Pettis. The big name fight did not deter the focus of “Bruce Leeroy.” After a very dominant performance, Caceres became the first fighter to ever finish the younger Pettis brother, which earned him a high profile fight against Urijah Faber.

yair-rodriguez-vs-alex-caceresThe fight with Faber would be at the very least, a great learning experience. This fight would start a 3-fight losing streak for Caceres. Obviously, when you win in this sport when you aren’t supposed to, the UFC matchmakers throw you to the wolves. Once again, Alex Caceres has made it through the trenches, and finds himself in his first UFC main event, after two decision victories. His opponent is 8-1 Yair Rodriguez. “Pantera” Rodriguez is fresh off a head kick KO of Andre Fili. This fight is sure to be a stand-up chess match, with a lot of technical martial arts to be displayed throughout. This does appear to be a very underrated main event. We are not blessed with the big names in the UFC, but I don’t see any way that this fight disappoints even the most casual fan. We can expect more than a few kicks to be thrown by both of our featured fighters, and one is sure to land.

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