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I am very interested to see if Monday Night Raw can keep this momentum going or if it goes back to normal.

Surprisingly, we start off this episode with Sasha Banks. It didn’t take long for Charlotte to interrupt her.


Enzo Amore….by himself?!?!?

For all you new wrestling fans, the art of talking, selling yourself and knowing what to do with a microphone besides droping it is what makes characters and storylines. Listening to one of the best ever on a mic in Jericho and a new guy who is taking the world by storm by his mic work was great fun and a great way to kick off the show.EnzoSashaJerichoCharlotte

Now, let’s see if the wrestling is as good. Unfortunately, the answer is no. Jericho carried Enzo the whole match. Charlotte and Sasha held their own. But, it will be interesting to watch Enzo’s wrestling improve as he works with Chris Jericho. I hope that they build a tag team match with Enzo and Big Cass against Jerishow Chris Jericho and the Big Show).

Another Squash for Braun Stroman.

A second stupid match between two irrelevant tag teams. The show is going downhill fast.

Alright, so having a veteran and a “New Era” guy against each other gives another great exchange. I like these pairings and how they are actually trying to build rivalries and not just have matches.

Lana looks like the bride who sleeps with the entire wedding party.

Mark Henry vs Rusev for the United States ChampionRusevHenry

Honestly, I was hoping that they would allow Henry to take the belt to Rio with him. I do not mind Rusev winning the match, but it discusts me that the WWE is going to allow Roman Reigns wrestle for another title. He needs to go to the back of the line. That is what should happen when you test positive for an illegal drug. I really don’t like Henry to be used as a pawn to strengthen Roman Reigns.

Darren Young vs Titus O’NeilDarrenTitus

This was a great match where they showed off the strength of Titus. I also like that they are turning Titus heel. I hope this is not the last time these two face each other in the ring. Titus won with a handful of tights which only strengthens his heel character. The backstage confrontation just added to the heat. Backland is going to be good for Young.

Another squash for Nia Jax against a women who was trying to reincarnate the Red Rooster.

Sami, look into the camera when you do your promos.

New Day vs Gallows and AndersonBootofDoom

A short match that New Day won but Gallows and Anderson left all three members lying inside and outside the ring. They are the top heel team, no doubt.

Cesaro vs Sheamus

SheamusCesaroAnother really good match. Very surprised that WWE allowed Cesaro to win. But, this is the difference between just a match and a rivalry. They could still build this match into a rivalry, they have 3 weeks until SummerSlam. But, I think the two of them will go their seperate ways after this. JinderMahal

I really like what they are doing with Heath Slater. Now it seems as though Jender Mahall is back with WWE and Slater is still a free agent.

An interesting backstage segment where we learn that Jericho and Owens may be a team.

Sami Zayn vs Seth Rollins

This is the third above average match of the night! A great back and forth match with both men showing off what they can do in the ring. The best spot was Zayn clearing the top rope like a gymnast sticking a perfect dismount. But, Rollins got the clean pin.

Paul Heyman is in the ring.

Brock joins him and stands there because he can’t talk. Heyman is one of the best with a mic, and he even improvised a couple times yet still managed to get things like the date, the network and the Undertaker into the promo seamlessly. Then as Paul was telling the world that Randy Orton would never get Brock into a position for an RKO………he did. All the sudden Orton was in the ring Brock was laid out and Heyman was cowarding in the corner. Great camera work! And a great ending to Raw!RawOrtonBrock

Best Match– Darren Young vs Titus O’Neil

Best Mic Work– Paul Heyman

Biggest Crowd Pop– Enzo Amorie




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