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OTOGH: To Err is Rangers

MLB: AUG 22 Royals at RangersThe Rangers are in a tailspin, there I said it. It seems from Jeff Bannister to Jon Daniels have just seemed to ignore the elephant in the stadium. No it’s not Stomper the cute and lovable A’s mascot, have they have been a Ranger killer of late no it’s the errors. While I knew with the loss of Colby Lewis and Derek Holland were going to hurt, what the Rangers have not been prepared for is very poor playing on the field, in the month of July the Rangers have 24 errors, my eyes almost crossed over reading all the numbers.  It’s not one person or position to blame, everyone has been getting errors even the great Adrian Beltre is not immune to the error disease that has plagued the Rangers.

If that was the Rangers only problem, they would still be in good shape. However, for the entire season Ranger fans having been waiting for the real Prince Fielder to show up. He even rode the pine for a little while as he “worked out his issues” well it turned out his issues was a herniated disk in his neck again. Season ending surgery is on Friday. Something doesn’t sit right with this, this is a pain Fielder was familiar with, if he was in this much pain and his AVG went as low as .183.  Did he know this was going on this whole time? Did he ignore it? or what worries me even more, did he tell Ranger management and they had him keep playing? The losing streak and Prince Fielder go hand in hand and all of the problem with Fielder has brought the clubhouse down, and I am hoping by Fielder leaving to get better it will help the clubhouse and possible motivation to focus back on the game.PrinceFielderCenter

Jon Daniels made a trade and got the Rangers some much needed arms in starter RHP Lucas Harrell and a reliever LHP Dario Alvarez. All for a the #20 prospect Travis Demeritte, who was in A ball . Harrell brings some much needed help in the rotation 3.38 E.R.A and 2-2 record which needs an * because he was with the Braves and I am sure did not get the run support he deserved, Harrell is going to replace Nick Martinez and pitch on Saturday against the Kansas City Royals.

Dario Alvarez is going to bring some more depth to the Ranger’s bullpen with his left handed arm. He brings a 3.00 E.R.A and a 3-1 record. The Rangers have DFA’d Matt Duffy and are making room on the 25 man roster for both pitchers.

Prince Fielder

What is next well…. That is the great unknown. Personally I see the Rangers going after Chris Sale. While I don’t need to rehash Chris Sale’s antics I will say this, the White Sox front office has a lot of issues as my old law professor used to say that case is a tree full of squirrels and I am not personally worried about Sale in a Ranger uniform. I would also love to get Andrew Miller from the Yankees.

Who do we give up? Joey Gallo, which honestly is never going to become a Ranger great no I see Joey really becoming great with another organization. I think he has done all he is going to do with the Rangers and needs the change of sensory a trade would cause to really have his full potential met. I don’t want to give up Jurickson Profar, but he is what the teams want and if it means getting some pitching right now, then we have to do it.


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