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Mile High Magic: The Wait is Over

Denver Broncos fans can let out a huge sigh of relief, as outside linebacker Von Miller signed a historic contract. Miller became the highest paid defensive player in NFL history, with his new contract being a staggering 6 year/ $114 million deal with $70 million guaranteed.

VonMillerThe Broncos have had quite the off-season. First, Peyton Manning announces his retirement (which, I mean, any rational fan expected.) But then, suddenly, little bits and pieces of the super champion team started to leave. It started with Malik Jackson, who, in my opinion, left for the huge contract Jacksonville offered him, and not for the chance to contend for another Superbowl title. Than, linebacker Danny Trevathan decided to trade in his bronco blue and orange for the same colors, but in the windy city with ex broncos head coach John Fox and the Chicago Bears. I believe Danny left because he thinks he can be a true number one linebacker on a team, just not on the Denver Broncos, sorry Danny. As if it couldn’t get more exhausting, Brock Osweiler, who people were calling the Broncos next John Elway, leaves for a huge contract in Houston. While about 80% of the fan base was in total panic mode, I honesty loved letting him walk. The man only has seven career starts, yes, seven that’s not a typo, and he wants to be a top 10 paid quarterback in the league? Bye Brock, thanks for the 4 wins, good luck in Houston. One thing that didn’t seem to go away was the Broncos and Von Miller getting a new deal done.VonMillerSuperBowlCenter

Everybody who watches football knows that the Broncos need Von Miller. But, at what price do you pay to keep him? Any price. As a Broncos fan, you pay the man whatever he would like. But, it was not as easy as we thought it was going to be. The two sides couldn’t seem to get a deal done in the early off-season, so they slapped a franchise-tag on Miller. It’s not a big deal, it just gives us more time to work out a new deal. The two sides got nowhere. And then, some weird accusations started coming out that Miller was requesting to be traded. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Denver’s golden boy wanting to be traded. My heart dropped, I couldn’t believe it. And then, one day before the franchise tag became permanent, and the two sides could no longer try to work out a long-term deal, Miller and the Denver Broncos reached and agreement and the entire state of Colorado could relax again.EmmanuelSanders

There is only one person who is left to be unsigned that I feel really needs to come back for the broncos to have a chance at repeating. Wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders. He deserves a contract extension as much as the next person. He said he would like to be a bronco for life, but’t at the same time, money talks. Sanders is hinting that he is not afraid too leave if the price isn’t right. Time will tell if we can get the last big name Bronco too get his contract extension.

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