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Dwayne Wade Introduced as Chicago Bull

On Friday The Chicago Bulls introduced Dwayne Wade as the new star in town. Wade said that its ” Jimmy’s team,”  “It won’t be a tug and pull whose team it is.” Wade reminisced Friday during the press conference of the time when Shaq was traded to the Heat.  “We had no championships at the time, and I remember his press conference,” Wade said. “I was playing in the Olympics at the time, like Jimmy is right now. And I remember Shaq said: ‘We’re not going to go through this all year. This is Dwyane Wade’s team.’ So Wade learned from Shaq, and it worked out for them because they did not have chemistry issues, so maybe the Bulls will have the same results.   So, we’re not going to go through this all year. This is Jimmy Butler’s team. Myself and Rondo are here to bring what we bring as athletes to this team and to this city. He’s the young Bull on this team. He’s a 26-year-old who can play 40 minutes if coach wants him to and maybe more. I ain’t trying to do all that. And we’re going to depend on him a lot.”

Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images

Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images

Butler was asked later on about Wade’s comments that it was his team.  Is it my team? I guess two of the three alphas have said that,” Butler said after Team USA’s win over Venezuela on Friday night. “I don’t think you’ll ever hear me say that. It’s not in me to do so. But I do need to step up, I need to help us win a lot of games. I’m liking that role as a leader, adds a lot of pressure, I want that. I want that. It’s only going to make me better. But I think I got a lot of help within Rondo, D-Wade obviously. You go down the list, Niko [Mirotic], Doug [McDermott]. I think we’re going to have a really good team.  “I’m grateful for the comments that they have been saying. Hopefully I can live up to that on the court. I’m ready for that. I work hard enough, so we’ll see.” It looks like Wade has a lot of respect for Butler. He noted that Butler had a huge influence on him to join the Bulls.

“I’m thankful to be here today,” Wade said. “This is one of those moments that is a dream come true. Simply that. I’m a Chicago guy, a Chicago kid. I remember sitting on the floor and watching the Chicago Bulls win their first title. I was 9 years old, watching on an itty bitty TV, and I said, ‘That’s what I want to do, that’s who I want to be.’

“My dream of being an NBA player started here in my hometown. Took a long time to get here, but I’m here.”

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