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3 Impacts From Impact

The Bound For Glory Playoffs continued on this week’s Impact. What stood out the most during the two-hour extravaganza? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

To me, the thing that stood out the most was Rosemary revealing her past with Bram, and how she became the dark and twisted person she is. Usually, characters like that in wrestling are total enigmas, so for Rosemary to reveal her past is a huge step for her development. I’ve been a fan of Courtney Rush for about five years now, so it was very cool and refreshing to see her in the flashback scenes sans makeup. Not only that, she was playing a younger version of Rosemary, and also playing her mother, which was even more epic. The details she gave included the passing of her cat driving her to this state, and practicing witchcraft and speaking to her brother, who was inside a tree. Wow. And the saga continues next week. Where will this leave Bram? That’s the million dollar question.

Just when I thought that we would get an EC3/Drew final in the BFG Playoffs, we see EC3 again accidentally cost Drew in his match against Mike Bennett. EC3 offered to get Moose out of the picture, but Drew declined, knowing EC3’s history when he tries to help. Even so, EC3 entered to get Moose, but his shot with the Kendo Stick accidentally struck Drew, allowing Bennett to win. So instead of EC3 vs Drew, which appeared to be heavily pushed, we are getting EC3/Bennett Part 3 in the finals of this tournament. As for what happens with Drew, well, let’s just say the aftermath of this will be interesting.

TyrusFixerI have to mention this new “Fixer” gimmick that Tyrus has now. He’s gone from being EC3’s henchman and basically being third (or fourth) in command in Matt Hardy’s group, to being a “fixer,” or problem solver, for TNA’s new comedy team of Grado and Mahabali Shera. This started a few weeks ago, when Tyrus was revealed as the mystery partner for Grado and Shera against the Tribunal, who had been feuding with the pair for over a month. Since then, we’ve been treated to promotional “ads” featuring Tyrus, which I absolutely love! It’s a very interesting role for Tyrus, but I wonder where this will go. I know this:  this trio is 100% entertaining, and I can’t wait to see more of them!

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! The BFG Playoff finals between EC3 and Mike Bennett is next week! Until then!

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