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UFC 201 Lawler vs Woodley

Photo by;  Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Photo by; Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

“Ruthless” Robbie Lawler is just that, ruthless. Most fighter nicknames only translate to their “in-cage” personas. Lawler’s goes with him everywhere he goes. Conor McGregor threatened that he may one day wish to take the 170 lbs. belt. Robbie didn’t entertain the Irishman’s comments. When asked if he would have elected to take McGregor’s back the way Diaz had for his most recent win, he easily laughed off the statement. He then turned very serious and said he would have taken “his soul” instead. I believe he meant this, but I also think that this could have been a realistic possibility. Men like Robbie Lawler are rarely born in our lifetime. He dosen’t care one bit about money, or PPV buys, all he wants to do is fight. Every punch he lands makes him smile. Every punch he takes makes him smile. I have never seen someone have so much fun in the cage. In an instant, those smiles become adrenaline filled power punches looking for a home. His next title defense will be against his former training partner, Tyron Woodley.

WoodleyWoodley believes that he has Lawler figured out. He shows no sign of fear in his interviews when referencing the current champ, but fear can be a tool that saves your life. Woodley has the skill to compete with Lawler, and he may have a first hand advantage since he once trained with Robbie, but that does not mean that this won’t be the literal fight of his life. Lawler’s 27-10 record may not look as impressive as Woodley’s 15-3 record, but numbers can be deceiving. T-Wood has some very impressive wins on his record, (Carlos Condit, Kelvin Gastelum, Jordan Mein), but no one puts on a show quite like “Ruthless”.

Robbie Lawler has been awarded four Fight of the Night awards, whereas Woodley has only every received one Performance of the Night, and one KO of the Night award from the UFC. Robbie also has a KO of the Night honor in his trophy case. The welterweight champion does not allow for a boring fight. As a wrestler, Woodley stands a better chance if he can get this fight to the mat. If Lawler can force this fight to become a brawl, (like he has done in many fights in his career), Tyron will have a tough time earning that belt. Lawler is too quick, too brutal, and too intelligent in the octagon. We will most likely have the same champion after this fight, but I expect another Fight of the Night to be forged when the ref says “let’s fight”.

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