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“Old School” Saturday; He Needs a Day

Hi everyone, especially young baseball fans everywhere.

williemays-swing-CopyI am a big fan of all sports but I have an everlasting love for the game of baseball.  People often use the term, that guy is old school, let’s discuss old school. Baby Boomers such as myself are now considered old and I guess we are, but I like to think we are also wiser.

Growing up as a Baby Boomer I had the privilege of watching Aaron, Clemente, Mantle, Koufax, Gibson and the best of all-time, Willie Mays, among others.

Amazing thing they played without batting gloves, wristbands, elbow protectors, shin pads and sliding gloves. They also played everyday. The term, he needs a day, never existed in old school baseball. The pitchers pitched every 4th day and were expected to finish the game. There were no middle relievers, setup men and closers. There were starters and relievers. The reliever was someone not good enough to start or was at the end of his career.

Old school players were judged on Batting Ave., home runs, RBI’s and SB.  Today it is WAR, OBP and OPS.  Pitchers were judged by wins, ERA, innings pitched and complete games. Now it is quality starts, holds, saves and a radar gun.


Bill “Moose” Skowron

Old School players had nicknames like, Moose Skowron, Hammering Hank, Stretch, Sweet Swinging Billy, Mudcat and others that we will talk about at a later date.

Old School players played Sunday double headers, sometimes in extreme heat, wearing the same uniform.  They drank water not Gatorade, some even smoked cigarettes in the dugout.  Players loved coming to Wrigley Field to play day baseball. They could go out at night and not worry about social media, social media didn’t exist. A player’s private life was private.

I think everyone knows where I am coming from.  Young people are going, Yeah, in your day, we know.  Remember you will have a your day, someday.

You will enjoy hearing some Old School stories about players and games. I welcome all to contact me by Twitter and share any thoughts you may have. Let’s have some fun with the greatest game in the world. See you next time.

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