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Smack Down’s move to live television on Tuesday nights began with a blast last week as their debut episode centered around the WWE Draft.  This week, they followed that up with a different announce team, camera angles, roster, & show open.  What hasn’t changed is the clear delineation between Raw & Smack Down.  A few weeks ago, Vince McMahon declared to both Shane & Stephanie that he wanted cut throat competition between the two (as the heads of Smack Down & Raw, respectively.)  As GM’s Mick Foley & Daniel Bryan were introduced for both brands, fans became excited about the potential rivalry that could be in the near future.  I’ll say this….if this first week is any indication of the trend moving forward, Raw is by far & away going to win this.  Not that the longest running primetime cable show, 3 hour juggernaut & much deeper, talented roster, wouldn’t always be the “A” show….but Smack Down wasn’t even close to Raw this week.  Smack Down had a decent show, but much work needs to be done if they are going to keep the attention of viewers.

The episode started backstage with both Shane McMahon & Daniel Bryan addressing the viewing audience as they walked into a jam packed arena.  This would lead us to the new show open for Smack Down:

Underwhelming at best. It motivated me to want to go to sleep, not watch LIVE Tuesday night wrestling.  Hey WWE, Shane, Vince, or whoever came up with this intro, “we’re lucky to have got this far” & “they left us for dead” are not the words you should be using in a 40 second theme song for a show that is being heavily promoted as “competition.”  Come on.

Anyways, the entire roster was along the ropes following THAT.  One of the biggest news items of the night was that Smack Down will be hosting their very own Pay Per Views!  The first will be at Backlash on September 11.  Hopefully their isn’t a lot of negative “backlash” following this event, but if there is any to provide, you can be sure I will supply it for you….right here on Cleat Geeks.

Dean Ambrose was introduced & stated that he would fight anyone on Smack Down’s roster at Summer Slam.  This is when a lot of information would be blasted out in 4 minutes.  Shane & Daniel announced a “6 pack” challenge to determine the #1 contender for Dean’s title & his opponent for Summer Slam.  They both went ahead & named 5 of the 6 competitors for the night’s main event:  John Cena, Bray Wyatt, Dolph Ziggler, Baron Corbin, & A.J. Styles.  They stated that the 6th competitor would be crowned after winning an impromptu Battle Royal that began shortly after this decision was announced.

Nice idea, but the execution was not so good.  A whirlwind of moves, riding a wave of momentum from last week, netted this….

So Apollo Crews is your sixth entrant into the #1 contender’s match.  The “6 pack” challenge match was ok, but the ending was something to behold.  Definitely one of the night’s  highlights….

Battle for Ohio.  Dean Ambrose from Cincinnati vs. Dolph Ziggler from Cleveland at Summer Slam in Brooklyn.  The end justifies the means.


Other news worthy items:

  1. Shelton Benjamin return promo was shown & will be returning to Smack Down only
  2. Rhyno interrupted a Heath Slater plea for employment. Both Shane & the announce team mentioned, in a round-about way, that Rhyno would be signed by Smack Down as a free agent.
  3. American Alpha promo was shown for their debut on Smack Down next week!


Becky Lynch v Natalya

Yes we’ve seen this match quite a few times already.  Becky actually beat Natalya this time.  Hopefully she gets a REAL opportunity on Smack Down to show how talented she truly is.  Taking nothing away from Sasha & Charlotte, but Becky was being treated like the orange-haired stepchild of the trio.  However, what was truly surprising, followed the match.  Smack Down’s entire roster of female competitors, each took their turn displaying themselves & interrupting each other.

The separation of female talent between Raw & Smack Down is stark.  Naomi, Natalya, & Becky will have their hands full as they compete against these women.  Alexa can become better, but Carmella & Eva are a different story.  Luckily for them, both are drop dead gorgeous.  Otherwise, they would be painful to watch in the ring.


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