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Into the Cardinals Nest: Where the Cardinals Need Help At the Deadline? Part 2

In part one, we looked at some of the Cardinals’ biggest weaknesses. The Cardinals are suffering a little in their offense and in their pitching. When the Cardinals have managed to get a few big leads, they have had a hard time maintaining that lead long enough to get their closer, Seung-Hwan-Oh on to finish the game. Aside from Adam Wainwright and Carlos Martinez, the Cardinals’ starting pitching is a little rough around the edges and their bullpen has a tendency to make Cards fans everywhere nervous. The offense, while efficient, lacks consistency. An extra bat could also be helpful going forward.  The Cards will need to get the right people at the deadline to advance to the postseason.

WadeDavis2The highest priority for the Cardinals at the deadline is to get some help for their bullpen. The Cardinals do not need a closer because Seung Hwan Oh has been fantastic since taking over for Trevor Rosenthal. The team has a habit of bringing in guys from their AAA team in Memphis and while that can work out for them, the Cardinals could really use some outside help. Wade Davis of the Royals would be a steal for the Cardinals if they could get him. He has a 1.60 ERA in 2016 with 32 strikeouts and he has 21 saves so while the Cardinals do not need a closer, they could have Davis as a setup guy and a reliable backup closer should Oh be unavailable for whatever reason.  The price for him would be steep but if the Cardinals are serious about getting to the postseason, they need to think about going all in on him.

JoseQuintanaCenterThe Cardinals starting rotation is having trouble keeping out early runs this season. While Adam Wainwright has done well, it has been up to the bullpen to keep the lead in the late innings for the most part. The Cardinals need a starter that can work deep into the game and give their pen some rest. They could try to cut a deal with the White Sox for Jose Quintana to give them a boost. Chris Sale would be an option but the recent stir he caused in the Sox clubhouse might deter the Cardinals. Quintana has a 2.97 ERA with 116 strikeouts.  Chris Sale has 129 strikeouts but a 3.19 ERA. Any of these two are good choices but Quintana is the safest in terms of what the Cardinals would have to give up and they would also avoid the josh-reddickcontroversy that would come with Sale.

The Cardinals do not need too much help in terms of batting. However, Carlos Gonzales of the Colorado Rockies and Josh Reddick of the Oakland Athletics could help give that lineup a little extra lift while they wait for Matt Carpenter, Brandon Moss and Jhonny Peralta to return. Carlos Gonzalez has 66 runs, 20 home runs and 62 RBI’s. Josh Reddick has 7 home runs and 27 RBIs with 5 stolen bases. It might be a long shot to get either of them but it would not hurt the Cards to at least take a look.

The Cardinals are not known for making big deals but they may need to this year if they want to topple the Chicago Cubs and win a World Series title in October. The Cardinals did not have the best start in 2016 but they do have a great opportunity to prove that it is not how a team starts that matters but how they finish.

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