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USAB: Will The Men End up Steamrolling Every Opponent?

First, it really all began when stars like LeBron James, and Kobe passed down the torch to the younger guys, and with other stars backing out as well for their own reasons, it felt as if this year was coming with a strange feeling. Maybe coming up short in a game, or even letting another country take the gold. Well one thing is for sure…. I don’t see it happening now.

It all started (for real this time) when Argentina was chosen to showcase themselves against the U.S. Andreas Nocioni, Luis Scola, and Manu Ginobili are solid guys, but when the solid guys play a squad thats faster, bigger, and more talented, they don’t look so solid anymore. All 3 of them walked away with double digit points in the 111-74 loss. Kevin Durant walked away with a team high 23 points.

Then came China along with Yi Jianlian, former Buck, Net, Wizard, Maverick and host of other decent guys from that league. In the early minutes of the opening period, China didn’t once look intimidated by the Red, White, and Blue. However, that did not stop them from eventually becoming outplayed on both ends of the floor. Klay Thompson subs in the game and drills back to back 3’s, DeAndre Jordan gets a few dunks going, and the defense for the U.S. was all over everything. To the point China looked frustrated. They were only able to score us-olympics-basketball-team-2016-rio-olympics29 points in the first half, 9 in the 3rd quarter, and ended the game 106-57. Kevin Durant again with the team high at 19 points.

Just when you thought okay, China might have a better result in the second game, they came out, and not only scored what they did in the previous game, but let the U.S. score 107! One point better than the previous game! The team high didn’t come from Kevin Durant this time though, it came from DeMarcus Cousins with 21.

The funniest part of all of this however, is that not only are we in China’s bracket for Rio, we play them first game on August 6th. Between a few different lineups on both sides I don’t expect much to change as far as the outcome, but I will say given what the U.S. has, I don’t know any other team out there that will provide as much trouble. Catch the men in action again on July 29 against Venezuela. For more on mens USAB, rack your cleats up at


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