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First Segment

Raw1stSegmentLove the new intro, and the new stage and lights.

I love bringing all the superstars out.

I really like the the title being called the Universal Title.

Not sure why you but Rusev in the eight when he already has a title.

I did not even see Finn Balor in the group. Very nicely done giving him his 15 seconds of fame on his 1st Raw.

Charlotte vs Sasha surprised me. I thought they would wait on that and build a little more toward Summer Slam.

1st Fatal 4 Way

Cesaro vs Kevin Owens vs Rusev vs Finn Balor

1stFatal4WayLooking at the 4 competitors, Rusev will take the loss, Cesaro will get the win. And Kevin Owens will then challenge for the U.S. Title.

A great match, plenty of back and forth. Each wrestler was allowed to have their moment. I really thought I was going to be right when Cesaro turned the accolade into a pinning predicament. Between the opening segment and the fatal 4 way, it was the 1st 48 minutes of Raw and it was so entertaining it seemed like 10 minutes.

I am shocked they allowed Finn Balor to win. This just tells me that Roman Reigns will win the 2nd Fatal 4 way and will be allowed to destroy Finn Baylor.

A Nia Jax squash.

2ndFatal4Way2nd Fatal 4 Way

Sami Zayn vs Chris Jericho vs Sheamus vs Roman Reigns

This match was the king of near falls. Again, all the wrestlers were able to show off what they do best. Can’t stand the fact that they let Reigns win and advance, I think it sends the wrong message.

New Day Celebration

A great accomplishment, especially when at first I was very unsure about this pairing. The whole “Sonny Boy” thing was stupid and added nothing to the segment. The segment that was finally interrupted by Gallows and Anderson. Looks like we have our tag team championship match for Summer Slam.

Nevile vs Curtis “Mr Irrelevant” Axle

The match started off slow but was a decent match. The crowd did sort of die down until the Red Arrow got Nevile the victory.

Sasha Banks vs Charlotte for the Women’s Championship


First, loved the tribute to the late great Eddie Guerro by Sasha Banks. Another long and entertaining match. The two ladies did obviously mess up some moves and I wonder if Sasha is going to have lingering effects from her dive outside the ring. I do not like them giving Sasha the belt. I think it would have been better to have more build-up and hand her the strap at Summer Slam. But, I did like the unpredicibility that it gave Raw.

Another squash, this time for Bram Stroman.

Enzo and Big Cass vs The Shining Stars

Enzo and Cass can talk, but there wrestling is like the early John Cena. Very predicable. I still like them, but they need to change some things up in the ring. They got the victory as expected.

Finn Balor vs Roman Regins for the #1 Contender to face Seth Rollins for the Universal Title at Summer Slam

roman-reigns-vs-finn-balor-raw-j-620x350I really like Finn Balor, but this is career suicide. He makes a huge impact, and did he ever, but how is he going to top this? He can’t unless he becomes Champion. And the WWE will not give him the 1st ever Universal Championship. I did find it interesting what Reigns said after the match, about respecting Baylor and wanting to face him again. If Reigns does not have a match at Summer Slam, he may interfere and cost Rollins the title. That would fuel their rivalry, but it would give Balor the Championship, and I don’t see that happening.

Biggest Crowd Pop– Enzo and Big Cass

Best mic work– Although very short, I am going to give it to Roman Reigns for his spot after loosing the #1 contender match.

Best Match– The 2nd Fatal 4 Way Match

Lastly I have to say I like the announcer set-up from the ramp, the way they stood up for parts of the program and I also need to say that Jo Jo did a great job announcing all the matches. She has never impressed me until tonight.


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