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MLB Deadline Talk Part 1: Sellers emerge while Buyers stay Quiet

As the MLB trade deadline approaches, August 1st at 4 PM ET, teams around the league will take a look at their record and place in the standings and decide on their future.  Will they sell players to gain prospects to contend in the upcoming years? Will teams buy to chase the title now or at least be in a great spot to start next season? Or will teams stay put and see where they go and have a huge off-season? Let’s take a look at the top buyers and the likely sellers before August 1 hits.  


josh-reddickThe Chicago Cubs are the biggest buyers so far this season. The Cubs have acquired two left handed relievers in Mike Montgomery and one of the best relievers in the game in Aroldis Chapman.  Theo Epstein has addressed his biggest need and still may be  looking to add more.  A’s OF Josh Reddick’s name has come up regarding a guy the Cubs could target. Jason Heyward’s lack of offense this year has been a shock to many and unless he finds a groove, the Cubs need a bat to pick up the slack.  Josh Reddick is hitting .293 this season and is back to full health after being out six weeks for a broken thumb.

The Cubs gave up an awful lot to acquire Aroldis Chapman. Gleybar Torres and Billy Mckinney were top five prospects in the Cubs system but the Cubs are in win now mode. The offense is there, the starting pitching is among the best in baseball, and now with two more lefties in the pen, the Cubs got all the pieces to get past the NCLS and get to the World Series.

Another buyer is the Toronto Blue Jays. The Blue Jays just acquired Melvin Upton Jr. from the San Diego Padres to add to their outfield.  Currently in the second wild card spot, the Blue Jays aim to make the playoffs and make a run. The Padres are in rebuild mode while the Blue Jays aim to keep themselves in the playoff race.  Upton will likely be battling for time with current CF Kevin Pillar.


The unanimous seller of the trade deadline has to be the New York Yankees.  First off, they have made the most noise regarding Chapman and Andrew Miller. Both are elite guys to have in the bullpen but as the Yankees slowly begen to fade from postseason play, its best to trade away valuable assets and get young guys in return.  The Yankees got future starters in Billy McKinney and Gleybar Torres.  Now with Chapman being gone, the Yankees will field offers for Miller.  Yes, it very important to have a guy like Miller in your bullpen but the talent you can get for him will help rebuild the roster.  The Yankees should go total fire sale and look to the future.  Why fight for the playoffs when it’s highly unlikely you will get there.

Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Another seller should be the Chicago White Sox.  Tell everyone Chris Sale, Jose Quintana, Carlos Rodon, and Tim Anderson are untouchable but everyone else is on the block.  The Sox can get good return for guys like Jose Abreu, Adam Eaton, and Todd Frazier.  The 30 year old 3B has 29 HRs on the season and would be a great boost to a contending lineup.  The Sox could get a MLB ready prospect and a young arm.  Jose Abreu can not get the ball out of the park right now, but he has other attributes to be a solid 1B for a young team.  The Sox have really done nothing in the past couple deadlines, this one can be really good to them.  They have fallen back in the division and they need to realize it’s not our year but we can build for years to come.  They have solid starting pitching, a young shortstop in Anderson and a decent second baseman in Brett Lawrie.  It’s time to retool in Chicago or jobs will be lost (if they are not already).

After the deadline, be on the lookout for Part 2 as we discuss the headline deals and take a look at who attacked the deadline and who did nothing and may regret it.  

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