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MLB Buyers, Sellers, & Decision Makers

Before we can realistically look at different trade possibilities between now and the MLB trade deadline on August 1st, we have to divide the 30 teams into Buyers, Sellers, and the all important decision makers. We will do this for both leagues one league at a time, this article will cover the 15 teams from the 3 divisions of the National League.


Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Los Angeles Dodgers– We know they can buy talent, but can they trade for it?

San Francisco Giants– Hunter Pence is the key. But the Giants seem hesitant to open any doors.

Chicago Cubs– They desperately need bullpen help and a bat off the bench. They can make the play-offs with their current team, but they need more to break the curse.

St. Louis Cardinals– How much young controllable talent do you risk for a shot at a Wild Card? The Cubs, with their fast start have the division almost sealed.

Pittsburgh Pirates– See the Cardinals above. Difference is, the Pirates have the money and prospects to go for it.

Washington Nationals– They look like the division is likely theirs, but they do have glaring holes and aging veterans.

Miami Marlins– To me, this is the most interesting team on this list, and remember they get Dee Gordon back for the stretch run.



Arizona Diamondbacks– They lost Pollack before the season even began, Peralta and De La Rosa soon thereafter now they don’t have Miller or Greinke. They are a mess. Maybe they can strengthen their farm system with a few trades.

baileySan Diego Padres– They already have the #2 rated farm system, so now it is time to sell off the vets and give the kids a chance.

Milwaulkee Brewers– Don’t know their plan or who they plan to build a team around, but they do have attractive pieces to sell off.

Cincinnati Reds– What would they be if they had Mesoraco, Bailey and Chapman? A contender, that is what they would be. But, they are your prototypical team who tried to get better while being sellers. It never works.

Philadelphia Phillies– Were not competing from day 1.

Atlanta Braves– Were not competing from day 1 of spring training.



CarlosGonzalezMets– To many injuries to their club to competitive of a division, and to many teams to leap over to be a Wild Card contender. Other teams will give up young hitting before they give up young pitching. The Met’s need to sell their vets like Granderson and Cabrera to get good young hitters in return. Get their young pitching staff healthy and come back for the next several years with a good young pitching and hitting team that can grow, gel and be cost effective together. But sadly, I think they will buy and waste their money.

Rockies– They are not winning the division, so they would be playing for a Wild Card. They would be going against the Cards, Pirates, Marlins and Dodgers. Can they finish ahead of three of those four teams? Plus if they would make the 1 game play-off each of those teams listed above has an ace. They do not and in a 1 game play-off you need one. They have had success, and have some pieces to build around. Be patience sell off Cargo and get a first baseman or another starter who has a good fast ball change-up mix with no breaking stuff. But, it has been so long since they have had any margin of success, I am afraid they will risk everything for a long shot possibility.


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