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Who Has The Highest Selling NFL Jersey?

In a three month period that ended on June 30th leading up to the 2016-17 NFL season, who had the highest selling NFL jersey?

I would have guessed it was an established star, most likely on a play-off team. Cam Newton, Gronk, Tom Brady, Larry Fitsgerald or Russell Wilson. But all of those guesses would have been incorrect.GoffRams

The player that has sold the most jerseys in that time frame has not even played a down in the NFL yet. That is right, he is a rookie. So it must be one of the top two quarterbacks taken in the 2016 NFL draft then, as these teams and fan basses are getting behind and supporting their new franchise quarterbacks. I wonder if it is Jared Goff with the Los Angeles Rams or if it is Carson Wentz with the Philadelphia Eagles?

What?!?!? Both of those guesses are wrong too!

The answer to the question of who has sold the most jerseys over those 3 months is new Dallas Cowboy and former Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott!

eelliotI mean I know that the Dallas Cowboys have always had the monicre of “American’s Team” and THE Ohio State Buckeys are more than just a team, they are a mighty sports brand, but come on, Ezekiel Elliot beating out Odel Becham Jr. and the Texan’s JJ Watt.

Let me make this even more impressive, or unbelievable, whichever term you prefer. Elliott was not even in the league, nor did anyone know which team was going to draft him until almost 30 days into this 90 day window. Remember, the 2016 NFL draft did not occur until the 28th day of April.


Based on sales from April 1-June 30 on, the league’s official online site, Elliott beat out New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who despite the focus on Deflategate finished in the second spot, followed by New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. Carson Wentz, who was picked second in the draft by the Philadelphia Eagles, finished sixth.

Elliott undoubtedly had quite the momentum coming into the league, given Ohio State’s huge fan base. In January 2015, Elliott ran for four touchdowns in the team’s 42-20 victory over Oregon, giving the Buckeyes the first College Football Playoff title.

That’s why it’s no surprise that after Dallas, Columbus is the city that has ordered the most Elliott Cowboys jerseys, according to data from Fanatics, which runs the league’s site.ee1

But Elliott also has done his part by attracting plenty of additional attention with his “crop top” look, appearing on the draft day red carpet showing his abs and rolling up the jersey for the NFLPA Rookie Premiere in May, which was the first time he wore the full Cowboys uniform. Elliott won’t be able to do that in the league, as rules stipulate that a jersey must be tucked into pants and can’t be cut off.

Sales on the official online store do not include sales from the Cowboys store, which is run separately from the league’s teams. The Cowboys are the only team to distribute its own merchandise and control the sales channels for the products. Therefore, the team does not split revenue on the sales it generates in its own channels.

In May, the Cowboys signed Elliott to a deal worth $24.9 million that included a $16.3 million signing bonus. Elliott also has a separate endorsement deal with Nike.

The highest a Cowboys player was on the best-selling jersey list last season (from April 1, 2015-Jan. 30, 2016) was No. 9 (wide receiver Dez Bryant). Tight end Jason Witten finished 10th.

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