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3 Impacts From Impact

For the first time in two years, Impact Wrestling is back on Thursdays, and it’s the fallout from Destination X. What stood out the most in this highly anticipated aftermath? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

  1. LashleyEdwardsClearly, the biggest impact was the main event, which ended with Bobby Lashley leaving Six Sides of Steel as the World Heavyweight Champion and the X Division Champion after defeating Eddie Edwards. The cage addition was made due to last week’s main event ending with Mike Bennett and his new heavy, Moose, getting involved. It was Dixie Carter who made the Six Sides of Steel main event, and stated that Bennett would be fired if he and Moose got involved. So where does Eddie go from here? He had two big main events in back-to-back weeks, and Davey’s close to coming back, so does this mean that they’ll get back to business and go after the tag titles once again? Time will tell.
  2. The Bound For Glory Playoffs got underway, with four first round matches taking place. Mike Bennett defeated a beaten Jeff Hardy, while Matt Hardy defeated James Storm, with Reby’s help. Ethan Carter III defeated KOTM Champion Eli Drake, and Drew Galloway defeated Bram. All four semifinalists made themselves seen as the show ended, as they entered to get a piece of Lashley after his victory. There’s been talk about the scheduling of this year’s BFG recently. Various articles stated that TNA is considering having BFG take place on Sunday, September 11, so they can honor the 15th anniversary of 9/11. It would also conflict with WWE’s Backlash PPV, so with that, they are also considering sticking with the October date. If they do stick with October, TNA needs to drag this playoffs out, especially since the winner challenges for the World Title.
  3. Villainess Madison 2016Madison Rayne made an impact of her own by becoming a villainess in her first TV appearance in three months. Maria Kanellis gave her “State of the Knockouts” address, and of course, Jade and Gail Kim had their grievances. Both wanted a direct rematch for the Knockouts Championship, but not only were both denied, Maria ordered Gail to fight every KO in TNA to get another chance. If Gail loses just once, she’ll never get another title opportunity. Maria also promised a handsome reward for whoever takes out Gail, and after that, Jade attempted to walk off, only to be confronted by Marti Bell. After the two former Dollhouse partners brawled outside the ring, the evil Madison attacked Gail from behind. She later looked down at Gail and stated that what she did was “nothing personal,” but everyone has to look out for themselves. This, IMO, was a good direction for Madison, considering that she had been lost in the shuffle for at least six months, if not longer. Her last heel run from October 2014 to September 2015 didn’t see her on TV a lot, so here’s hoping that Madison’s third stint as a villainess will see her get elevated. Thinking about this, part of me believes that this opportunistic villainous role could have went to newly signed Knockout Chelsea Green, which would have been an epic debut for her. But I’m still happy with how it turned out.

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Next week, it’s the semifinals of the BFG Playoffs:  Drew vs Bennett and EC3 vs Matt Hardy. Until then!

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