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The (Ultima) Lucha Lowdown (Part III)

Welcome to the finale of the Ultima Lucha Lowdown, which recaps the third and final part of Ultima Lucha Dos, the second season finale of Lucha Underground!

The first four minutes told everything that has occurred this entire season, leading up to this big two-hour finale. At the start, we see Vampiro preparing Pentagon Jr for his big Lucha Underground Championship contest against Matanza. In this last test, Vampiro insisted that Pentagon must destroy the man he once was, which included entering a cave and fighting his fear, in the form of the lethal Vampiro, his master. After successfully doing so, Vampiro says that he is ready.TriosChampionship

The first of the five matches was the Trios Championship encounter, pitting Drago, Aerostar, and Fenix against the defending champions, Worldwide Underground:  Johnny Mundo, Jack Evans, and PJ Black. Fenix has a score to settle with all three of them, especially Mundo, who (along with Taya) beat down Fenix, who was the original partner for Evans and PJ. Mundo later replaced Fenix, and the rest–as they say–is history. Taya was not at ringside, of course, because she’ll be in action later on. This match was full of exciting moves, including Aerostar leaping off Fenix to get PJ and Evans, while Fenix delivered a Frog Splash to Mundo, but even that resulted in a two count. After Evans pulls the official out of the ring, the champs go to town using their belts as weapons. The three of them circled around Fenix with the belts, and all three of them took him down. Even with all of that, Fenix kicked out! The champs took out the official again and continued beating up Fenix. In a huge shocker, former Trios Champion Angélico resurfaced, in crutches, and used one of them to beat down Mundo! Angélico had been out of action for weeks and we never knew who caused his injury, but I think his attack gave us answers!

Fenix capitalized and got the pin on Mundo, and as a result, he, Aerostar, and Drago are the new Trios Champions! For Fenix, he made history as Lucha Underground’s first Triple Crown Champion, having won the Gift of the Gods Championship, the Lucha Underground Championship, and now the Trios Championship.

black-lotus-el-dragon-azteca-jrNext up, Black Lotus’ in ring debut on Lucha Underground against El Dragon Azteca. I and most anyone familiar with WWE remember Black Lotus as Savannah or her real name, Angela Fong, at the promotion, so we know what she can bring to the proverbial table. Of course this match is stemming from the long animosity between the two, as Black Lotus has been told by Dario Cueto that Dragon Azteca’s father killed her parents, while Dragon Azteca has stated that Matanza is the culprit. In another surprise, Pentagon Jr crashed the match, and attacked both Dragon Azteca AND Black Lotus, breaking both of their arms, much to the twisted pleasure of Vampiro, who gave the signal from his announce position. Vampiro stated that the man in the ring is no longer Pentagon Jr; he is now Pentagon Dark. The newly renamed Pentagon Dark stated that he is now stronger than ever, all thanks to Vampiro, and he has ZERO fear. And he’s not waiting any longer; he wants Matanza NOW!

With that, the lovely Melissa Santos (who I still want to become a villainous manager) made the intros, and this main event caliber match kicked off! And clearly, this darker edge (as if he wasn’t dark enough) has helped him, as he dominated Matanza in the early goings and beyond, as Vampiro watched and enjoyed the sight–seated next to Matt Striker. However, Matanza did regain his dominance after hurling Pentagon Dark into a chair, but after that, it’s been back and forth between the pair of monstrous combatants. After delivering a Piledriver to Matanza, Vampiro handed his pupil a barbed wire bat, but Cueto prevented him from using it. Pentagon Dark was set to break the arm of Cueto, but Matanza stopped Pentagon Dark with the bat that the challenger intended to use. In the end, Matanza defeated Pentagon Dark to remain Lucha Underground Champion, much to my shock. Vampiro entered the ring to console his pupil, but Pentagon Dark appeared not to want any of it. Hmmm.lucha_underground_ultima_lucha_taya_ivelisse

Next up, the battle for the most dominant woman in Lucha Underground, Ivelisse vs Taya. These two women have been at each other’s throats for weeks. They’ve been opponents before, and they’ve even been paired together, but through all of that, the animosity has grown immensely. And it definitely showed in this match, as they literally fought all over the ring. In the turning point of the match, the lights went out, and when they came back on, Catrina appeared! The deadly vixen took out Ivelisse, allowing Taya to pick up the victory. And what stood out in this attack was that Catrina was in what appeared to be ring gear, and she gave a post match warning to Ivelisse:  Death comes to everyone, even her. Me thinks we will finally see Catrina compete in Season 3; something I’ve wanted since Day One!

PumavsReyThe highly anticipated main event between Prince Puma vs Rey Mysterio–the Prince vs the King–followed. This was the match many had been waiting for, especially Prince Puma (the first ever Lucha Underground Champion), who had a lot to prove to himself. As expected, this match was back and forth and neither competitor gave an inch. When it was all said and done, El Rey was victorious over The Prince, and after their match, the two luchadores hugged in a show of respect. Rey later left Prince to his people, allowing him to have the spotlight.

It was truly a show of shows, but hold up, Pentagon Dark entered with the barbed wire bat and beat down Vampiro! After a superkick to Matt Striker, Pentagon Dark continued his brutal assault on his master, and then proclaimed himself as the master, not Vampiro. It was an absolutely bloody and graphic sight, and quite a surprising turn of events. But it doesn’t end there. In the final scenes, Cueto was taken away in handcuffs, set to finally pay for his crimes. However, the season ended with Cueto flashing a sinister smile. Was this part of his plan? Who did he phone last week?! So many questions!PentagonShotofSymbol

And that’s all for Season Two, folks! What a year, right? Sexy Star has a golden opportunity as Gift of the Gods Champion, we have brand new Trios Champions, Catrina may finally show her ruthlessness inside the ring, and the student has now become the master! I can’t wait for Season Three to begin, so until then! Oh, and Ivelisse fans, you don’t have to wait too long to see her again, as she’ll be at SHINE 36 this Friday!

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