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Smack Down Smack Talk-WWE Draft Edition

wwe draft

What a historic night for Smack Down!  Not only the host show for the WWE Draft, but also the inaugural episode since the move to live episodes on Tuesday nights.  Oh and they also had a WWE Championship main event, in which Dean Ambrose retained the WWE Championship & the WWE title now currently resides solely on Smack Down Live.  (Possibly for the moment, we’ll see how Sunday’s main event at Battleground shakes out.)


The fallout from Tuesday night will be felt for years to come.  Surprise (and I mean SURPRISE) NXT superstar call ups, pendulum shifts in booking, & feud posturing will be displayed over the long haul.  This was definitely a “big picture” move by WWE to position both Raw & Smack Down as starkly different shows.  Raw will be filled with tenured WWE stars & the “main event” coined talent.  Smack Down will be a combination of the younger wrestlers, combined with long time veterans.

The first 30 picks were televised on Smack Down Live, with the ensuing 30 picks shown exclusively on the WWE Network.  Here are all the results from this year’s draft:

Round No. 1
1. Seth Rollins – Raw
2. WWE Champion Dean Ambrose – SmackDown Live
3. WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte – Raw
4. AJ Styles – SmackDown Live
5. Finn Bálor – Raw from NXT

I was completely, but pleasantly, surprised to see Finn drafted this high!


Round No. 2
6. Roman Reigns – Raw
7. John Cena – SmackDown Live
8. Brock Lesnar – Raw
9. Randy Orton – SmackDown Live
10. WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day – Raw

Second round shakeout from the tumultuous 1st rd. picks, Reigns & Cena landings are no surprise.  Summer Slam’s Lesnar vs. Orton match will definitely be one & done.


Round No. 3
11. Sami Zayn – Raw
12. Bray Wyatt – SmackDown Live
13. Sasha Banks – Raw
14. Becky Lynch – SmackDown Live
15. Chris Jericho – Raw

Sami goes high here.  Good for him.  Sasha & Becky back to back….

sasha becky

Round No. 4
16. United States Champion Rusev (with Lana) – Raw
17. Intercontinental Champion The Miz (with Maryse) – SmackDown Live
18. Kevin Owens – Raw
19. Baron Corbin – SmackDown Live
20. Enzo & Big Cass – Raw

At this point, unless Ambrose defies odds at Battleground, a real possibility exists for Raw to own 4 of 5 WWE titles come this Monday night.

Round No. 5
21. Gallows and Anderson – Raw
22. American Alpha – SmackDown Live from NXT
23. Big Show – Raw
24. Dolph Ziggler – SmackDown Live
25. Nia Jax – Raw from NXT

Unbelievable pick by Bryan & Shane to get American Alpha for Smack Down!


  Nia Jax call up?  Ok….


Round No. 6
26. Neville – Raw
27. Natalya – SmackDown Live
28. Cesaro – Raw
29. Alberto Del Rio – SmackDown Live
30. Sheamus – Raw

Cesaro lasting this long in the draft should surprise no one.  WWE hates him almost as much as they hate Bo Dallas.


(End of Smack Down Live)

Round No. 7
31. Golden Truth – Raw
32. The Usos – SmackDown Live
33. Titus O’Neil – Raw
34. Demon Kane – SmackDown Live
35. Paige – Raw

And the deck begins to clear…..

Round No. 8 
36. Darren Young (with Bob Backlund) – Raw
37. Kalisto – SmackDown Live
38. Sin Cara – Raw
39. Naomi – SmackDown Live
40. Jack Swagger – Raw
41. The Ascension – SmackDown Live

Smack Down gets younger…..

Round No. 9
42. The Dudley Boyz – Raw
43. Zack Ryder – SmackDown Live
44. Summer Rae – Raw
45. Apollo Crews – SmackDown Live
46. Mark Henry – Raw
47. Alexa Bliss – SmackDown Live from NXT

The rocket attached to Crews’ back apparently didn’t propel him further up in the draft, but at this stage he was a steal.  Especially when it’s a choice of Mark Henry, Summer Rae, & Zack Ryder.  But Alexa’s call up here was a TOTAL surprise.  Recent bouts with both Bayley & Asuka would not have leant toward the idea of a main roster spot. 

Round No. 10 Picks 
48. Braun Strowman – Raw
49. Breezango – SmackDown Live
50. Bo Dallas – Raw
51. Eva Marie – SmackDown Live
52. Shining Stars – Raw
53. The Vaudevillains – SmackDown Live

Re-read those names one more time.  I’ll wait….

Round No. 11
54. Alicia Fox – Raw
55. Erick Rowan – SmackDown Live
56. Dana Brooke – Raw
57. Mojo Rawley – SmackDown Live from NXT
58. Curtis Axel – Raw
59. Carmella – SmackDown Live from NXT  

I am still shocked that Mojo got a call up.  Carmella we’ve been hearing for a while.  As for Rowan, I can only assume that Luke Harper will join him when he’s medically cleared.

Heath Slater


What I find interesting is, the rules stated that since Raw was a 3 hour show & Smack Down was only a 2 hour show, the selection process per round would be 3:2 respectively.  However, that apparently went right out the window after the seventh round.  From the 8th round on, it went back & forth.  That’s when Smack Down established exactly who they will be.  With the exceptions of a few picks, they selected youth & potential in those rounds.  There is no doubt that Shane McMahon & Daniel Bryan see competition as the catalyst for many of their selections.  I personally cannot wait to see these young stars get a chance to showcase their abilities every Tuesday night.

Thanks for reading!


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