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Is A City Hosting an NFL Draft With No 1st Round Pick?

PhillyFlagSo if the reports are true, and please note that the NFL nor the city have yet to confirm the reports, Philadelphia will host the 2017 NFL draft. But, the Eagles currently do not have a 1st round selection. Therefore, the locals might be a little bored on Day 1.

So if the NFL has not confirmed the reports, and the city of brotherly love has not confirmed the reports, then who has? That would be Pennsylvania Rep. Bob Brady. He told the Philadelphia Daily News that the city would host the draft. But Brady indicates that the mayor has pledged $5 million to host the three-day event, which has taken place in Chicago the past two years, in 2017.

Philadelphia last hosted the NFL draft in 1961 at the Warwick Hotel, which still exists. Plus, the first phase of the 1950 NFL draft happened at the Racquet Club of Philadelphia, a private social and athletic club that also remains standing. We suggest holding events that week at both locations for nostalgia’s sake.

warwickHotelOf course, that predicament likely was going to happen no matter which city landed the draft. Speculation had run rampant that the draft would be held somewhere else than Chicago in 2017. The two favorites were supposedly, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. The Eagles, nor the Los Angeles Rams have a 1st round pick. Just like the Eagles, the Rams traded their 1st round pick this year to land a quarterback.

Host-city teams have made it through the early stages of the draft just fine despite the lack of a first-round pick in the past. That said, the draft was in New York for 50 years prior to Chicago getting it the past two, and there are two NFL teams there. The New York Giants lacked first-rounders during the era where the draft was a big fan event in 1993 and 2005; the New York Jets lacked one in four different years over the past few decades — 1991, 1998, 1999 and 2005.

So somehow, New Yorkers had to wait until the 43rd and 47th picks, respectively, to hear their teams make picks. (What made it funnier, too, was that the Jets’ first pick that year was a kicker — Mike Nugent.) Of course, that was a three-day even back then, so Nuge came off on Day 1, albeit later in the night. In the current format, assuming the Eagles don’t trade back into Round 1, the Philly fans would not hear the team make a pick for 24 hours or more after the draft kicks off.

But overall, a change of host city seems like a good idea. As good a host as Chicago was, the indoor venue was lacking and the league is looking to make this traveling-circus (until L.A., home of the NFL Network, likely lands it for the long term) as another way to promote the league and — duh — make more money. It makes sense for them, and it gives good NFL cities a chance to have the football world descend there for a few days. Yay, almost everyone wins.

It’s also a great chance for the locals to put on a good show and help dispel the myth that they are not warm, convivial hosts to out-of-towners, right? Right

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