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Pat Riley Saddened by Dwayne Wade Leaving Heat

One day after 12 time all star Dwayne Wade signed with the Chicago Bulls, Pat Riley spoke to the media.

RileyWade“What happened with Dwyane floored me,” Riley said. “I’m going to miss the fact of what I might have had planned for him and his future and how I saw the end and my thought process in how I could see his end here with the Heat. … It’s my responsibility to sort of make that happen. I didn’t make it happen. Dwyane left, and the buck stops here.”

Wade said last week that he had a business rift with Pat Riley, which played a role in his decision to end his 13 year career with Miami. Riley claims he was not part of the negotiation process as he needed to be if they wanted to keep Wade. Wade felt like he deserved more money, for all of the things he accomplished with the Miami Heat over the last 13 years.

“I have great regret I didn’t put myself in the middle of it and immerse myself in the middle of it and get in a canoe and paddle to the Mediterranean if I had to, be in New York when he arrived on the 6th and greet him at the airport,” Riley said. “I wasn’t there in the middle of the negotiation, and that’s my job. It’s not going to be the same without him. We will forge ahead.” Riley does not think Wade left because of the money. “That is where we both failed … I more than he, because he’s the asset, he’s the star, he’s the face of the franchise,” Riley said. “I should have done everything that I could have verbally in trying to change his mindset to mine, a big picture, a better picture, or one that I thought would help him.”

Pat Riley is working on an email to send to Wade, as he has not spoke to him since he left the team.  “My thoughts were always to try to make the team better and at the same time try to make sure that Dwyane, over the course of the three, four, five years that he had left in his career, that he was going to get his money,” Riley said. “He would get it — but not at the expense of paralyzing our ability to win. If there’s anything I could have done better, I would have done it. But right now, there’s no do-overs in this thing.”


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