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Deontay Wilder Retains Title with TKO of Chris Arreola

Deontay-Wilder-Vs.-Chris-ArreolaDeontay Wilder (37-0,36kos) dominated Chris Arrelo (36-5-1, 31 KOs) for eight rounds, until the referee stopped the fight. Wilder won his fourth straight title defense, as Arrelo is now 0-3 in heavyweight title fights getting knocked out in all three.  According to Wilder he broke his hand during the fight and tore his right bicep, which makes his victory even more impressive.

“It’s broke,” Wilder said, pointing to his right hand as he walked past the ringside media section after the fight. “I also tore my biceps.”

Wilder was up on all three judges scorecards before the eight round stoppage.  Judges had the scorecards 80-71, 80-71 and 79-72.

“[The hand injury] was from an [awkward] punch,” Wilder said. “I hurt the hand first, and then the biceps. Look at my hand. This thing hurts.”

After the fight DR. David Williams diagnosed Wilder with a broken hand and a probable right bicep injury and was sent to a UAB hospital.

“It showed me he’s a real champion,” DiBella said of Wilder. “He was hurt, and I thought he fought well under the circumstances. He tried to entertain, and he tried to hide the injury. But when I saw the biceps, I could see it did not look good. And his hand also. It hurt to take off the gloves, and he couldn’t even put his shirt on.”

Fans are shocked that with the two injuries Wilder still dominated. It has people thinking how good is Wilder?

“He just kept me on the outside,” Arreola said. “I couldn’t figure him out, plain and simple. I have to give him all the respect in the world because he was just a much better fighter.”

chris-arreolaChris Arrelo could not handle Wilder’s power and he consistently got hit with right hands and numerous combinations.

Arrelo was impressed on how consistent Wilder was throughout the fight.  “I have to give him credit for using his distance, using his jab, and just keeping me at bay,” Arreola said.

Deontay Wilder earned $1.4 million while Chris Arrelo earned $150,000 for the prize fight.

According to copy box statistic numbers Wilder landed 44 percent of his punches compared to just 28 percent from Arrelo.

“It was very satisfying to punish a guy like Chris Arreola,” Wilder said. “I straight punished him. I didn’t get my knockout like I want, but it was a knockout. I’ll take that on my record. I still advanced to 37-0 with 36 KOs.”

From this fight Arrelo learned he can fight through massive adversity.

“Man, it lets me know I’m a force to be reckoned with,” Wilder said. “If I have one hand or two hands, you can’t deny that I’m the best in the world. I’m going to still give it to you whether I have one hand or two hands. I won’t stop. As a champion it’s my duty to keep going no matter what I’m going through. Pain ain’t nothing to me. I got a high tolerance on pain.”

“When you’re dealing with fights, it’s not over until it’s over. Whoever fights me, they have to be ready. They just can’t come in and think they’re going to bully me or think they’re going to out-tough me or think they’re going to outpunch me, because there ain’t no out-bullying, there ain’t no out-toughing, there ain’t no outpunching, because I’m the heavyweight champion of the world. That means a lot to me.”




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