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Smack Down Smack Talk July14, 2016

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Tonight was our final episode of Thursday night Smack Down before the move to live episodes on Tuesday nights.  This coming Tuesday will feature a draft of the WWE superstars, following Monday night’s WWE title match of Dean Ambrose versus Seth Rollins.  The ramifications of next week will be felt for a very long time in WWE.  Unfortunately, there was not a whole lot of news in tonight’s episode.

The episode started strong, as we had the table set for tonight with pre-recorded tapings from a few WWE superstars.  I really like that WWE has continued to do this every week.  It instantly engages the fans & lets us know what to expect in the upcoming couple of hours.  3 of these recordings featured Dean Ambrose, Miz, Charlotte, & Dana Brooke.  We learned that Dana would face Sasha Banks, Miz would interview Darren Young, & Dean Ambrose would square off against Kevin Owens.


Kevin Owens v Dean Ambrose

This match didn’t last 5 minutes.  Seth Rollins interfered & instantly got Owens disqualified.  When Sami Zayn ran into the ring to even the odds, a tag match was set between Dean & Sami versus Kevin & Seth.  A great match, as expected, with Seth ultimately getting the final pinfall on Thursday night Smack Down.

MizTV with Bob Backlund & Darren Young 

The ever entertaining Miz & Maryse invited Backlund & Young to their show this week.  The segment was funny at first but then became very intense.  Darren Young came off strong in the end & I’m sure WWE is pleased with him, heading into Battleground to face Miz.


Sasha Banks v Dana Brooke

While this match may have only lasted 5 minutes, what ultimately came out of it was the big news of the night.  Sasha defeated Dana via submission to the Bank Statement & was viciously attacked by Charlotte post-victory.  Charlotte threw Sasha across the announcer table as Sasha’s back hit one the chairs against the barricade.

Later in the episode, Charlotte & Dana confront Sasha to inform her that they will both be facing her at Battleground in a tag match, with a partner of her choosing.

This was not unexpected, as the plan is for Banks to face Charlotte at Summer Slam for the Women’s title.  As for who Sasha will choose to tag with in the match, well you’ll just have to keep watching & find out!

I can not wait for that draft next week!  Tweet @cleatgeeks with who you would be your #1 pick for Smack Down.   Thanks for reading!

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