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Ocho Cinco Gets an NFL Coaching Job?

Johnson&JacksonChad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson is an NFL coach, even if it is with the Cleveland Browns. He has been hired as an assistant wide receivers coach for Brown’s training camp.

Johnson says he asked his former Bengals, and current Browns head coach, Hue Jackson, for a coaching job … and to Chad’s surprise, H.J. said yes. Chad said he will be in Cleveland on July 28th, ready to coach. We’re told the gig is just for training camp … as of now. However, it sounds like Chad has bigger plans … telling us, “I’m not leaving!”

Johnson played 11 seasons in the NFL … but hasn’t been involved in the league since 2011. But, if you have forgot about him, and his obvious talent, let me remind you with some numbers. In Johnson’s 11 year NFL career, 10 with the Cincinnati Bengals and the final year with the New England Patriots, he did put up some stellar numbers. 7 of his 11 seasons he had over 1,000 yards through the air. He averaged 14.4 yards per catch he made, and although he never broke the 100 catch mark in a single season, he did have over 75 catches 4 different times in his NFL career. He never fumbled the ball more than 2 times in any 1 of his 11 seasons, in 6 of those years he went the entire season without fumbling the football even once! To give you a great comparison, he has 766 career receptions and 7 fumbles. Plus 9 of his 11 years he had a catching percentage of over 50% The two years he did not were his rookie year, and his final year with the Patriots for whom he had all of 15 receptions.

Photo by: James Lang-US PRESSWIRE

Photo by: James Lang-US PRESSWIRE has a section on their site that gives you receivers with similar numbers and similar numbers in their careers. The receivers they say are comparable to Chad Johnson are; Isaac Bruce, Roddy White, Andre Reed, and Mark Clayton. Johnson was also elected to 6 Pro Bowls.

In 3 different seasons in his career he was top 10 in both receptions and receiving touchdowns. Plus, in 5 different seasons of his career he was top 10 in both Receiving yards and in receiving yards per game.

But, the question is who will the Browns get? Chad Johnson, or Ocho Cinco? One of them may have some valuable lessons for the Brown’s receivers, but the other one may be to much of a distraction and ultimately asked to leave.


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