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FeelGood Friday; OutStanton Discount

StantonDerby1This past Monday night, Miami Marlins slugging right fielder Giancarlo Stanton put on a show to end all shows at the Home Run Derby. In three rounds, he hit a staggering 61 homers on his way to claiming the trophy. And while most everyone is awed and amazed at Stanton’s prowess with the bat, it’s actually going to cost the Marlins an OutStanton amount of money!

For one game of their choosing, the Marlins promised to slash ticket prices one percent for every homer that Stanton hit in the Derby. Before the Derby, the Marlins, in an email, to people who had purchased tickets with them before, sent a link and posted a graphic with the above announcement on their website. It read; “Tonight our very own Giancarlo Stanton faces off against MLB’s best sluggers in the 2016 T-Mobile Home Run Derby! The more Giancarlo homers, the more you save on Marlins tickets! Each time G launches a home run out of Petco Park, we’ll knock a percentage point off future Marlins tickets.”

For example, if Stanton hit 25 home runs that would equal 25% off Marlins tickets!

Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

If you thought they weren’t going to stick to it, you’d be wrong. The Marlins Twitter account sent out this tweet at 1:35 a.m. ET on early Tuesday morning that proclaimed the following; “He did it! Wednesday we’re launching a Flash Offer for 61% off our 7/29 game, when we’ll honor G!”StantonDerby2

Before you rip the Marlins for not seeing a huge number of home runs coming, remember this. Stanton only hit 6 total home runs in his only other Derby appearance back in 2014. But the changing of the rules to bracketed, time-limited rounds really benefits hitters. They have four minutes to hit as many dingers as they can, as opposed to having a limited number of “outs” per round. Stanton was always going to rake in the Derby, but no one knew just how much. And the best part about the Derby is how the new format has made the event a fun and entertaining spectacle to take in.

Stanton wowed everyone with his virtuoso performance, but I don’t think anyone could have predicted he’d hit 61 homers. Certainly not the Marlins marketing department, who may have felt an increasing amount of fear with every homer Stanton hit. But to be fair to them, it’s a really great promotion. The Marlins will lose some dollars, but they’ll gain some goodwill, too. It’s a small price to pay to honor Stanton and the best Derby performance ever.

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