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UFC 200 Takeaway

BrockLesnarUFC200The card was overall pretty underwhelming, but that was actually expected. How many times have we seen a UFC main event end in a technical, boring decision? This often happens when you have two very skilled fighters with a lot to lose. Everyone on this card had a lot of pressure put on them from a performance stand point. Three of the best fights happened on the UFC Fight Pass prelims. Those fighters enjoyed a fraction of the pressure, with a bit less of an even matchup. UFC 200 did not carry UFC 100’s momentum, but as a hardcore fan, I was overall pretty satisfied.

CainVelasquezUFC200We learned that five years out of the Octagon didn’t make Brock Lesnar any less of a brute in the cage. He walked in and handled the eighth ranked fighter in the world at heavyweight. Regardless of how he won, that was not an easy thing to do. Mark Hunt was on a career run before Brock decided to test himself in the toughest sport on the planet. We also discovered that Cain Velasquez’ ring rust has completely worn off. Fabricio Werdum made him look incredibly mediocre in his UFC return, but a surging Travis Browne had nothing to offer for the former champ. After a few strikes, it was obvious how the fight was going to go. Cain is as vicious as he is hungry for another shot at the title, and he has put himself in a very good spot for that shot.

Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

I really believed that Miesha Tate was going to go on quite a run that would lead to another bout with Rousey. In order to defend a belt consecutively,  you have to be able to shut down many different styles. Tate wasn’t even able to defend her belt once. Nunes appeared to present problems that confused Tate. She has been hit hard before, but Nunes’ strikes stunned her in a way that I didn’t believe possible. Nunes, the UFC’s first openly gay champion, picked a perfect time to cement her self atop the greatest mixed martial arts organization in the world. A fight with Ronda Rousey now seems almost imminent.

Of course we would love to have a first round KO in every fight, but that just isn’t realistic. Aldo vs Edgar went the only way that it possible could have, and it answered a few questions while setting up the McGregor V Aldo rematch. That fight immediately made UFC 202 much more interesting. If McGregor defeats Diaz, he can then return to his original weight class, and defend his belt against a more cautious Interim Champ in Jose Aldo. The first fight was a fluke, no matter how you want to spin it. A long fight with Aldo is what the fans deserve after a year and a half of build up led to 13 seconds of fighting.AldoVSEdgarUFC200

The only disappointment involved Daniel Cormier. He did what he had to in his fight with Anderson Silva to get his hand raised, and the UFC did what they could to salvage the fight, but I can’t help but think that the Jones/Cormier fight would have been the fight of the night had it actually gone through. This fight made the most sense, had the most momentum, and also had the most animosity between competitors. Every other fight set up some very intriguing future match-ups, but the Cormier fight only added questions. Who can defeat Cormier at his best? Who else can motivate Daniel like Jones once did? What does this mean for the division going forward? These questions will be answered in the cards to come, and I have no doubt that we will have fun watching them all play out.

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