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The (Ultima) Lucha Lowdown (Part II)

Welcome to Part 2 of the Ultima Lucha Lowdown, which covers the middle frame of the three week long Ultima Lucha Dos special!

SexyStarChampionPart 2 began with the Gift of the Gods Championship match, featuring Sexy Star, Mariposa, Marty the Moth, Killshot, Sinestro de la Muerte, Daga, and the debuting Black Claw, who would make an impression by eliminating the former Disciple of Death. Meanwhile, the devious Kobra Moon was shown perched up top watching the action, and was later left devastated when he later eliminated Daga. This match is interesting because it pits siblings Marty and Mariposa against each other, but they did work well as a tandem en route to eliminating Killshot. It was eventually left to the twisted pair and Sexy Star, who have been at odds dating back to the tail end of the first Ultima Lucha! Despite the odds being against her, Sexy Star took care of Mariposa and then Marty, to become Lucha Underground’s first female Gift of the Gods Champion!

Later on, we see Mr. Cisco backstage with Cortez and Joey Ryan, as Cisco is wearing a wire, and having second thoughts about this operation. The pair of cops tell Cisco that all charges against him will be dropped for his cooperation. After that, info on the finale of Ultima Lucha Dos, with Matt Striker announcing that it will be a two-hour finale special. More on that later.

Mil-MuertesThe main event of Part 2 followed; King Cuerno and Mil Muertes competing in a Death Match. This has been stemming for months, dating back to after Mil Muertes was defeated by Matanza in their last outing. We saw Cuerno with the fallen body of Mil Muertes, along with his other trophies, but he would be resurrected by Catrina. Since then, Mil Muertes has vowed revenge, getting some payback when he cost Cuerno an opportunity at the Lucha Underground championship. However, Cuerno would defeat Mil Muertes one on one, prompting a furious Catrina to demand a rematch. To no surprise, both combatants took this fight all over, including the area where the band performs, where they struck each other with microphones. We also saw Cuerno put Mil Muertes’ head through a window! However, the Man of 1000 Deaths delivered a number of death blows; placing Cuerno through three tables, striking him with a crowbar, and delivering a piledriver for the victory. Wow! Just…WOW!Cuerno-Deer-Head

It did not end there, however! Next week’s Lucha Underground Championship contest between Matanza and Pentagon Jr was brought up, with Striker referencing Pentagon’s match against Vampiro, which ended with Vampiro revealing himself as Pentagon’s master. Since then, we have seen Vampiro go back and forth between personas; taking medication to keep his dark side at bay. However, when Striker asked his broadcast partner about Pentagon, and it was at that moment that Vampiro tossed away his meds and got deep into his darkness, before leaving to prepare his protege.

After that, Cisco was in Dario Cueto’s office, doing his part for Joey and Cortez. Unfortunately, Cueto quickly figured out that Cisco was wearing a wire, killing the operation. In the most shocking moment in the series, Cueto took his bull figurine and bludgeoned Cisco to death with it! He later got on the phone and told whoever his contact was, “It’s time.”

That is the Ultima Lucha Lowdown, and it all ends next week! Here are the remaining matches that will take place in the two hour finale:ultima-lucha-dos-prince-puma-rey-mysterio-jr.0

  1. Ivelisse vs Taya
  2. Trios Championship:  Johnny Mundo, PJ Black, and Jack Evans (c) vs Fenix, Drago, and Aerostar
  3. Black Lotus vs Dragon Azteca Jr
  4. Prince Puma vs Rey Mysterio
  5. Lucha Underground Championship:  Matanza (c) vs Pentagon Jr.

It should be a fantastic finale! Until then!

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