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5 Time NBA champion Tim Duncan retires

Kobe-Bryant-vs-2016-Spurs-Tim-Duncan-4K-Wallpaper-1First Kobe Bryant, Now 5 time NBA champion Tim Duncan is retiring. The two time League MVP released a written copy announcing his retirement. Duncan will be recognized as the best power forward of all time. He was more then just a great player for the Spurs. Duncan had a great work ethic and was a leader on and off the court. When the team went through adversity, Duncan was always their to make a clutch shot or to get his team refocused. Duncan averaged a 19 points, 10.8 rebounds, and 3.0 assists per game.”More cutthroat than people give him credit for,” Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant told ESPN’s Marc Stein on Monday upon learning of Duncan’s retirement. “I loved everything about him on the court.”   “Timmy’s never been a very outspoken or emoting sort of individual on the court,” Popovich said earlier this year.  “Everybody does it differently.” Tim Duncan and Greg Popovich made history winning 1,0001 games as a coach and player combination. The Spurs went 1,072-438, which is the best record in NBA history in a 19 year stretch. Not only is that the best record in the NBA but it is also the best in all four major sports.  

tim-duncan-shaq“Man, he’s meant a lot, a great amount,” said Spurs small forward Kyle Anderson, one of Duncan’s 140 teammates over the years. “When you have Timmy on the floor and you’re out there, it’s so easy to give all your effort because you know he’s just out there talking, he’s out there making sure everybody’s playing hard.

“He’s like, I don’t want to say a father figure out there, but he’s like a big brother out there. I love Timmy. He’s been a great teammate.”   Former rival Shaq even had great things to say about Duncan.  “Greatest power forward of all time,” Shaquille O’Neal told Stein. “Unbreakable power forward. No [elbow] could break him. No loss of a championship could break him. Nothing could break him.”  Golden State coach and former teammate for four seasons Steve Kerr says it be weird not seeing Duncan on the court.

“When you think of a Spurs game, you think of the opening tip and Timmy cradling the ball and looking down at Pop and Manu and Tony,” Kerr said. “The four of them really kind of define who they are. But Tim is the main guy obviously.

“They’ll still be the Spurs based on what they’ve built. And maybe that’s Timmy’s lasting legacy. He helped build something so strong that’s still going after he leaves.”

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