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Intrigue.  A word that encapsulates Smack Down these days.  Whether its the quickly approaching WWE draft (Tuesday, July 19 on Smack Down) or the structure of each episode these past few weeks, Smack Down has shed the label as WWE’s “B” show.  This week’s episode immediately started with recorded videos from earlier in the day.  These videos set up matches for Seth Rollins versus Jey Uso, Sami Zayn versus Chris Jericho, & Enzo Amore versus A.J. Styles.  Each installment was entertaining for fans, but really showed pre-planning by the creative team.  To follow that, ring announcer Jo Jo was interrupted mid-speech by WWE Champion Dean Ambrose.  As Ambrose made his entrance, Jerry Lawler began commentating.  This was his initial return to Smack Down since his incident in Memphis where the charges were dropped involving his longtime girlfriend.  Yes, this all happened in the first 5 minutes.  Much intrigue to start Smack Down this week…..



Seth Rollins v Jey Uso

As Ambrose entered the ring, he relieved Jo Jo of her announcing duties.  Ambrose gave a formal entrance for Jey Uso, but followed with a rather hilarious introduction of Seth Rollins.  Ambrose continued his verbal assault & mind games on Seth throughout the match as well….

Hilarious.  As I mentioned last week, the incredible chemistry between both Rollins & Ambrose will help build their triple threat match at Battleground.  These two are absolute gold, with the third member of their match basically getting a VIP ticket to the match.  Reigns violated the WWE’s banned substance policy & received a 30 day suspension.  He’s still in the match for Battleground.  That leaves Seth & Dean to do all the build up work for the match leading up to it.  While most would argue that having Reigns verbally participate in the build for the match is punishment for the fans, I can’t agree with WWE’s course of action with Reigns’ violation.  He’s not losing anything, so how is that a punishment?  Sorry Reigns’ fans.



Sasha Banks w/ Renee Young, Charlotte, & Dana Brooke

I’ve veered down a path I usually don’t travel.  Normally, I would use these segments to discuss matches on Smack Down.  However, I really wanted to dive into the fantastic week between Sasha & Charlotte.  Their in-ring segment on Raw was very compelling & the backstage interview segment from Smack Down this week was excellent.

Sasha has always been able to hold her own in these face to face situations, but Charlotte has really come into her own since abandoning her father, Ric Flair.  I can’t help but see a lot of Stephanie McMahon’s character in Charlotte’s appearances.  The condescending, spoiled, factual deliveries she has adopted are really something to be appreciated.  This duo of Sasha & Charlotte, similar to Rollins & Ambrose, have a long history.  Both duos have been intertwined since NXT & the on-screen chemistry is off the charts.  These interactions between Sasha & Charlotte will be must watch in the coming months….as if they weren’t previously.



Brock Lesnar v Randy Orton Summer Slam Announcement

Again, the path less traveled.  This could have been a segment about the continuing rivalries of New Day versus The Wyatt Family or Natalya ambushing Becky Lynch.  Or the insertion of Enzo & Cass into The Club/John Cena rivalry.  Or Zack Ryder’s win over Sheamus & his subsequent request to challenge Rusev for the United States Championship.  Or the hilarious multi-part segment involving Jericho, Sami Zayn, & Kevin Owens that led to tonight’s main event.  Heck, this could even be about Miz versus Kalisto.  But the announcement of Brock Lesnar’s opponent at Summer Slam was built all week, leading into tonight.  His opponent is “The Viper” Randy Orton.  The returning Apex Predator will meet the Beast Incarnate in, what should be, a match for the ages.

Currently, Lesnar is preparing to face Mark Hunt this Saturday at UFC 200.  Lesnar was part of a co-main event card, until late Wednesday night.  That’s when the world learned that Jon Jones failed a substance policy test & his fight against Daniel Cormier would be removed from the card.  (Maybe he should investigate a WWE career….stay in Vince’s good graces, test a month before the match, & you can still main event!)  Sorry for the cheap shot Reigns’ fans.  Lesnar versus Hunt is now the sole main event for UFC 200 & if the match goes well, WWE should get a lot of crossover MMA fans to tune in for Summer Slam.


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