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NXT Weekly

The show kicks off with a womens match.

Bayley vs Alexa Bliss

BayleyVSBlissAlexa defeated Carmella and now she faces off against Bayley tonight. This is a very entertaining match with some good moves from each and some good trash talking from Bliss. An excellent straight right that echoed throughout the arrena and later followed up by a great set of moves she calls insult to injury. This match was main roster quality and had at least 15 2 counts! But a Bayley to belly gives Bayley an impressive win.

Bayley then has a mic and delivers a heartfelt speech only to be interrupted by Nia Jax. It seemed as though Bayley asked for 1 more match and Nia Jax seemed to welcome the challenge. We will have to wait and see if they clash again.


Blake and Murphy vs The Hype BrosRyno

Blake and Murphy argue who is going to wrestle next as Rhino runs down the ramp and gores 3 of the 4 participants and the match blows up and falls apart.

Rhino then is asked in the parking lot why he did what he did and all he does is stare into the camera.RevivalVSAlpha

The Revival vs American Alpha 2 out of 3 falls match

The Revival remind me of the Minnesota Wrecking Crew and American Alpha remind me of Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. A good flurry in the beginning with some very good mat wrestling. Then The Revival start to pick on the left knee of Jason Jordan like an old school tag team. Frequent tags with The Rival cutting the ring in half again like an old school tag team. Nice T-bone suplex by Gable for a 2 count. The match went at least 10 minutes without a pinfall, then there was 2 pinfalls within a minute of each other. America Alpha was first with an ankle lock and The Revival got their fall with an inverted figure four. The ending was a crazy exchange on the outside of the ring that lead to The Revival finishing the match with their finisher the shatter machine delivered on the ring apron for the 3rd and decisive pinfall for the win. Not sure what this means for these two teams as far as a calling to the main roster. I am really not sure if it means anything, both are great tag teams and both seem to be on the cusp of a call up.


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