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Brock Lesnar’s UFC Return

UFC-200-Its-Time-Brock-Lesnar-vs-Mark-HuntAs a fan who never really appreciated what Brock Lesnar brought to the sport of MMA, his allure is undeniable. I was astounded at how excited I became for his upcoming fight with Mark Hunt. Lesnar is the epitome of what a professional wrestling organization would want, and apparently what an MMA organization needs. Brock was featured in three of the UFC’s top four UFC pay-per-view cards, and his addition to UFC 200, may be the fight that sets this event above all of the rest. The highest selling pay-per-view was UFC 100, where Brock Lesnar got his revenge against Frank Mir in a one-sided blood bath. I expect UFC 200 to attract more attention.

This time around the odds are stacked against the wrestling super star. He is now five years older, and the sport has continued to evolve in his absence. His opponent (Mark Hunt) will not make his return an easy one. Hunt has patented what many are calling the “Walk-Off KO”, and it really is a thing of beauty. MMA is known for its knock outs, but there is almost always a consequential follow up blow, as fighters are supposed to continue until the referee stops the bout. Hunt has a different method. After he lands his heavy blow, he admits that he is very aware that his opponent is on their way to the canvas. Instead of doing what everyone else does, by continuing the fight, Hunt simply walks away, as calmly as possible. Frank Mir was coincidentally Hunts last KO victory inside the octagon.

Brock-Lesnar-vs-Mark-HuntThis fight was almost added to UFC 200 as an afterthought, but it is slowly stealing the show. UFC 200 features two title fights, and one interim title fight, but the Lesnar/Hunt fight is slated for the co-main event. This speaks volumes to how highly valued Brock Lesnar’s return is to the UFC. Fellow wrestling superstar CM Punk will debut inside the UFC on September 10th in Cleveland Ohio on UFC 203. It is a bit comical that Punk has been talking about fighting for so long, and Brock Lesnar will have a fight inside the cage before he will. I have not followed professional wrestling for quite some time, but I am equally excited to watch both men test their wills in the toughest sport on the planet.

I hope Brock can make his UFC return a competitive one, but I sadly expect a quick Hunt KO. Brock has never proven that he can take a lot of hard shots, and no one really knows how much he has improved since leaving the sport. Brock was once the UFC’s heavyweight champion, but this division is as strong as it has ever been. Brock may have picked the wrong time for a return, or the perfect time to prove just how great an athlete he really is. All questions will be answered this Saturday at UFC 200!

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