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Atlanta Hawks: It’s Not Over Yet.


Dwight Howard is back, and on July 7 we should all rejoice as he signs his 3 year contract for 70.5 mil. However, we still have one problem. Depth. Especially at the guard position. That’s no shade on Dennis Schroeder or Tim Hardaway Jr., but looking forward there are only 2 options: either the young guys [rookies] grow under the mentorship of a vet who can run what Coach Bud needs, or they step up and immediately spit fire. Neither one is impossible, but you have to admit things feel a little shaky given the fact Jeff Teague was traded, and Shelvin Mack is no longer with us. Two vets, gone.

As for the draft pick SG DeAndre’ Bembry out of St. Joseph’s.

Deandre Bembry pic

Considered one of the best passers in the draft, he is versatile, can rebound, and provides vocal leadership. He doesn’t sport a gasping 3 pointer, but neither does Rajon Rondo right? (If you get what i’m getting at).

Yes Shooting Guard is much different from playing point, but on a team that possibly has the opening for the job to be taken away from your 4 year vet, is it possible? Absolutely yes. He must prove it though, and last I checked, Summer League for the Hawks starts this weekend.

If you understand where i’m getting at, it will take more than a scrappy Kirk Hinrich to stop a Kyrie, or Jimmy Butler, or Derrick Rose over here. With the free agent’s that haven’t signed yet, it’s time for Atlanta to put their foot down and secure someone, who without a doubt you know will provide, just in case running off of the idea of “let’s find out” doesn’t work.


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