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3 Impacts From Impact

The 4th of July Weekend came to a close, but the day after still had some fireworks at the Impact Zone, and other places! What stood out the most? Here are my 3 Impacts from Impact!

What could I say about #TheFinalDeletion that wasn’t already said by fans, followers, and other wrestlers last night?! I’ve been a wrestling fan, on and off, for 19 years, but I have never seen ANYTHING like the spectacle I saw last night. The Hardys had a ring set up at the dead of night in their home town of Cameron, North Carolina! Among other things, I saw flares being shot, Jeff climbing a tree and doing a Swanton Dive, Matt tossing Jeff in the water, only for Jeff to emerge as Willow, and finally, the Hardys logo set ablaze right before Matt picked up the victory over Jeff! It was truly an amazing display, and if TNA does a Year in Review special in late December, I expect this to be reaired, and I may watch it again!

The night kicked off with the entire X Division competing in Ultimate X for Mike Bennett’s X Division Championship; a match made by Dixie Carter to thwart Bennett’s plan to use Option C. Bennett could still have that option if he wins Ultimate X, but it would be Eddie Edwards regaining the title that Bennett stole from him two weeks ago. As for the decision to cash in for Option C, a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship, Eddie would later be confronted by Lashley, who attempted to intimidate him into keeping his title, but Eddie would not back down. This led to a modification of Option C; instead of turning in the X Division Championship, Lashley decided to challenge Eddie to a Title vs Title match for next week’s Destination X special. Winner gets both titles! This has the makings of an epic main event!

  1. But what about Bennett? Needless to say, Mike and Maria pitched huge hissy fits over what went down, and Maria demanded that Dixie Carter come out. Instead, Billy Corgan came out, which led to Maria demanding that she replace Dixie as the President of TNA. This outrageous demand led to Dixie coming out, and at that moment, Mike gave an ultimatum:  either he’s in the main event at Destination X, or he and Maria walk. Now, Billy Corgan has been around heavy metal for years, so he’s used to loud and uproarious noises. However, there was one noise that he couldn’t stand anymore, and that was Maria’s voice. Corgan had enough of the constant complaining and told the couple like it is:  they were behaving like brats, Mike had his chance, and he blew it and lost. As far as them walking? “You wanna quit? There’s the door; I’ll hold it for you.” Those were Corgan’s exact words. Mike stated that they would not quit, but he ominously vowed to ruin next week’s Destination X. The plot thickens!

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Next week is Destination X! Until then!

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