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The (Ultima) Lucha Lowdown (Part I)

Welcome to this special edition of The Ultima Lucha Lowdown, which recaps Part 1 of 3 of Ultima Lucha Dos!

Ultima-Lucha-Dos-Part1pick1This is only the second year of Lucha Underground, but I already love Ultima Lucha. The first one was off the chain, and this one started off with a bang, as the “4 A Unique Opportunity” tournament kicked off Part One. Championship Wrestling From Hollywood alums Cage and The Mack, the same two combatants who kicked off the inaugural Ultima Lucha, kicked off this event. However, Dario Cueto decided to add a gimmick to this match, due to him being a fan of their last match, Cueto decided to make their match, Falls Count Anywhere! These two  completely tore it up, including Cage smashing a framed posted on The Mack’s head, right in front of not only Cueto, but Black Lotus as well. However, Mack later did his impression of El Kabong and struck Cage in the head with a guitar! Absolute murder and mayhem in the bout, which also included Mack delivering a Stunner to Cage! Even with that, and being put through a table by Mack, Cage still kicked out, but he did not avoid a roll-up outside the ring, advancing Mack to the finals! And that’s just the FIRST MATCH OF PART ONE!!!

The second semifinal in this tournament followed, with Texano facing off against former Trios Champion Son of Havoc, and once again, Cueto decided to throw his usual nasty but entertaining gimmicks in this match, this time making it a Boyle Heights Bar Fight, with a bar setup outside the ring. Just like the first match, various weapons were used, with Son of Havoc actually shooting a fire extinguisher at Texano, all while wearing a fireman’s helmet. That last part escaped Texano’s mind when he smashed a vodka bottle over his head. The mayhem escalated when SOH tossed Texano through the entire bar set up, and that was enough for the former Trios Champion to defeat Texano, setting up a SOH/Mack final!

The final between Son of Havok and The Mack served as the main event, and Cueto later decided to make them fight for this Unique Opportunity by making it Falls Count Anywhere! The combatants shook hands before they got down to the business at hand; fighting for this Unique Opportunity, whatever it is. In the end, Son of Havoc, the LU original, picked up the victory, and celebrated with the crowd in attendance. The same crowd who jeered him in the beginning, now became his loyal followers, and it was such a spectacular moment.

Dr.WagnerJr.So what is this “Unique Opportunity”? Cueto and Black Lotus revealed part of it as a briefcase carrying $250,000! However, as usual with Cueto’s deals, there’s a twist. SOH could take either that, or a Lucha Underground Championship match at Ultima Lucha Tres! But SOH would not be swayed by moolah, and he decided to take the title opportunity! But there was yet another Cueto twist. Son of Havoc would get the title shot if and ONLY if he defeats his next opponent, who Cueto will give the quarter million dollars to. It was at that moment that Famous B, who dumped Mascarita Sagrada as his client, came out with his new client, the legendary Dr. Wagner Jr.! So Son of Havoc had yet another mountain to climb, and at the start, he was closing in on holding on to his title opportunity. At the end, however, Son of Havoc fell short when his moonsault missed, and he was defeated by Dr. Wagner Jr. after a piledriver.

That is the Ultima Lucha Lowdown, and there’s more where that came from! Part II is next week! Until then!

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