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The Ultimate Fighter Finals Are Almost Set!

SanchezVSSpicelyThe last two episodes of The Ultimate Fighter have produced two of the greatest finishes that this season has had. In episode 10, Cory Hendricks was forced to pull out of competition due to a neck and shoulder injury, giving the man he defeated (Khalil Rountree) another shot at become The Ultimate Fighter. The featured fight of this episode would put season favorite Andrew Sanchez against the undefeated Eric Spicely. This would prove to be the most one-sided bout between fighters who have both made it into the house. Sanchez didn’t seem to take pleasure in it, but he easily KO’ed Spicely. A big right hand, and a head kick to follow would be all that it would take to drop Eric. Andrew never gave him a chance to recover, as he swarmed him with a multitude of strikes. Andrew Sanchez will now face the winner of Josh Stansbury vs Khalil Rountree in the show’s finale.

It is interesting to see how these fighters react to fighting training partners and friends in during this show. This is not a team sport, and these fighters have wanted this opportunity their entire lives, but the mental aspect of putting a face to that opponent standing at the other side of the cage, always seems to be a factor. Khalil Rountree and Cory Hendricks were teammates entering the show, but Rountree seems to be struggling more mentally as his fight with Stansbury approaches. There is something to living alongside a person inside The Ultimate Fighter house, that makes engaging in battle that much more difficult. This social experiment is really unfair for the fighters, but it makes for a very entertaining show for the fans to follow.

Photo by: Brandon Magnus/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Photo by: Brandon Magnus/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Episode 11 had to be the most intense episode to this point from a professional fighter’s stand point. Amanda Cooper, being one of the biggest 115 lbs. ladies to enter the house, would not have an easy time cutting weight for the third time since the show began. Fighter’s are allowed to be one pound over, but Cooper admitted to weighing up to 129 lbs. just days before the weigh-in. After a few sequences involving

Cooper in the sauna, and bath, she is finally able to make weight with the help of her team.

Usually when a fighter has this tough of a weight cut, it is very apparent in the fight. Lanchana Green is a very technical striker, and I expected her to weather an early storm, and then easily knock out the winded Amanda Cooper. That is not what took place. Cooper ate a few short shots, and landed a glancing head kick. Her strikes were followed by an easy takedown, some ground-and-pound, and a first round rear-naked choke to show everyone just how dominant she can be at this weight class. She will now face the winner of Kate Jackson and Tatiana Suarez at the TUF finale, which is shaping up to be a very intriguing card.

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