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Welcome to Dodger Town #8: 15

What a week for Dodgers baseball. Filled with first’s, surprises and frustration. Lots of good news and some horrible news to get to. You know how when there’s vegetables on the plate and you don’t want them at all, so you eat them first to get them out of the way? Yeah I just used that analogy and yep, I’m about to do that.JocPedersonInjury

Kershaw and Joc
The greatest pitcher in all of baseball as well as one of the many young talented kids on the Dodgers roster were sidelined due to injury. After crashing into a wall Tuesday Pederson injured his shoulder and went on the 15 day DL. The only comforting thing is Manager Dave Roberts agreed that it was mainly because the All Star break is around the corner, so giving Joc extra rest wasn’t a bad idea. The Kershaw injury? Not so comforting. The ace is dealing with a mild herniated disk that won’t require surgery. The scary part is how healthy will he be after he returns from the DL? No timetable has been given, and when he does return, the injury can easily be reaggravated. With the All Star break approaching hopefully Kershaw can rest. Losing Kershaw for any amount of time can be detrimental. But Kershaw is superman…….right? On to the positive.

Bud Norris
BudNorrisDodgers2As a result of the Kershaw injury (not sure why it required Kershaw getting injured) the Dodger’s felt It was necessary to go out and get another arm to add to the rotation (should’ve happened a while ago). Giving up two minor league pitchers in exchange for Norris and cash considerations (which they should’ve done a long time ago). Norris made the start in place of Kershaw Friday night and pitched a gem of a game. Good ol Bud went 6 innings giving up only 2 hits while striking out 8 batters. Even for that 1 win the trade was worth it (have I mentioned enough times that I’m not sure what Dodgers brass was waiting for?). Ok I have harped on the upper management enough, but seriously what took so long? Every non Kershaw day was a scare. Regardless, hopefully Norris will continue to pitch well and if so, we may have found our relief in the starting rotation. Whether he does or doesn’t continue to pitch gems to that degree is irrelevant in my opinion, because even aside from the injury to Kersh, a move had to be made. Winning now is the goal and should continue to be. The JulioUrias2current rotation has proven it can’t do that outside of Kersh and at times Maeda.

Alot of first’s this week for the kid. His first time over 100 pitches in a game, the first hit (and RBI) of his career and most importantly his first win. Urias has been improving steadily. Obviously he struggles at times, as any young pitcher does, but he seems to have what it takes. The hope is within the next year or two Urias can be a solid starter for the Dodgers in this league. One thing that’s easy to see is his confidence on the mound from start to start, has increased. That trend should continue.

Oh and did I mention Corey Seager is on a 15 game hit streak?


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