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My All-Star ballot, for Love not W.A.R

I was watching the Ranger game, and Tom Grieve made a comment about how the fans are getting it right in the All Star Voting.  He talked about the stats and how the best players are the ones who needed to be at the all star game. This rubbed me the wrong way. While an innocent comment and maybe one you agree with. I don’t agree not even a little bit.

If baseball wants the best then don’t have fan voting, just pick the guys with the best stats and be on your way. However, there is fan voting, and as a fan it is your duty to vote who you want to vote. By voting for just the best in numbers we lose one of the most important things about being a fan, we lose the love. Isn’t the love of the game of baseball why we watch it? It’s why we stay up late into the night to watch the end of an extra inning game,and it’s why we have worn out shirts and why we love them in first and in last place. Its why we cry when ballplayers or vin scully say the field of dream monologue “people will come ray” no one does it better than James Earl Jones.


Its all about the love of this game. There are stats in the game but there is also love in this game, and shouldn’t that play a part in how we vote. I took my love of the game and of the players and I picked my all-stars. I went to the online ballot and there were more stats staring at me, saying

“Choose the best based on the Numbers! “

Sorry, no thank you, I will choose my own way to vote. Here is what I like to base it on. Base it on cool plays this year (Joc Pederson) or how cute the guy is. (Too many to name, but if you want names Kris Bryant, and Bryce Harper.)  Home runs hit (Ian Desmond) or Players hit. (Rougned Odor) Hey I am the Ranger writer I wasn’t about to skirt around it. Pick a guy because he is your favorite ( Salvador Perez, I just love him and Eric Hosmer too, and Elvis Andres is my favorite ranger that I can vote for and so each year I always vote for him) Pick a player that you think needs to be there, (Adrian Beltre and Prince Fielder, Adrian Gonzalez, and Corey Seager)  Pick the player that you think needs to be in that position (Buster Posey as catcher, there is no question) Pick a player for fun (Nori Aoki and Charlie Blackmon) 

I didn’t take one look at stats and I am not sorry about it. I did this for love, for the love of baseball, the love of the players and for the love of my fandom.


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