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The Lucha Lowdown

Welcome to The Lucha Lowdown, which takes a look back at the latest edition of Lucha Underground!

KingCuernoIt’s the final Lucha Underground before Ultima Lucha Dos, and it kicked off with a grudge match between King Cuerno and Mil Muertes, with the Man of 1000 Deaths looking for payback against Cuerno, who actually took his fallen body as one of his trophies. Unfortunately for Mil Muertes, Cuerno put one over on him and defeated him by hook or crook with the use of one of the ropes. This prompted a furious Catrina to enter Dario Cueto’s office and demand a rematch, which Cueto did grant, after Catrina stated that she wanted a Deathmatch between Cuerno and Mil Muertes.

In between the match and Catrina’s demand, Cueto was meeting with Taya and Ivelisse, who had been at each other’s throats for the past few weeks, even during their brief partnership last week during the main event. There is one thing that Taya and Ivelisse have in common; each one believes that she is the top female in Lucha Underground, and Cueto decided to put that to the test, as Taya and Ivelisse will face each other at Ultima Lucha Dos. On a side note, I still can’t help but love how stunning Taya looked in her red dress. Oh man!

Later on, Dragon Azteca and Prince Puma faced each other, with Rey Mysterio in the corner of the former. As Striker and Vampiro mentioned on more than one occasion, all three of them were partners once. In fact, they were the Trios Champions. The match was stellar as usual, and it ended with Puma victorious as he looks ahead to his epic encounter at Ultima Lucha Dos against Mysterio. Azteca will have his own battle at the three week event, as he’ll go up against the lethal Black Lotus.

fenixMore announcements for Ultima Lucha Dos followed, beginning with Cueto meeting with Texano, Cage, The Mack, and Son of Havoc inside the ring. Cueto stated that the four of them will face off in a mini-tournament, where the winner will receive what Cueto calls “a unique opportunity.” In fact, this was dubbed “4 A Unique Opportunity.” Also, it was announced that Johnny Mundo, Jack Evans, and PJ Black will defend the Trios Championship against Drago, Fenix, and Aerostar, meaning that Fenix can become LU’s first Triple Crown Champion, as he has also held the Gift of the Gods Championship and the Lucha Underground Championship. Fenix and Mundo faced each other in a grudge match; remember it was Mundo who beat down Fenix and took his place as Black and Evans’ partner weeks ago. After Mundo’s victory, the group of rudos (along with sole ruda Taya) beat down Fenix, only to be counteracted by Drago and Aerostar, and later Ivelisse–who attacked Taya.

That is the Lucha Lowdown, but before I wrap it up, one final look at the Ultima Lucha Dos card:

  1. Black Lotus vs Dragon Azteca
  2. Cage, Texano, Son of Havoc, and The Mack:  4 A Unique Opportunity
  3. Prince Puma vs Rey Mysterio
  4. Taya vs Ivelisse
  5. King Cuerno vs Mil Muertes in a Deathmatch
  6. Gift of the Gods Championship:  Sexy Star vs Mariposa vs Joey Ryan vs Daga vs Killshot vs Marty The Moth vs Black Claw
  7. Trios Championship:  Johnny Mundo/Jack Evans/PJ Black (c) vs Drago/Fenix/Aerostar
  8. Lucha Underground Championship:  Matanza (c) vs Pentagon Jr

I do not know which matches will be featured on any of the three parts of the three week event, but I would obviously think that each part will be main evented by a championship match, with the LU Title most likely ending the third and final part. It all starts next week, so until then!

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