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Change is not always a good thing, but tonight was a great example of when changes can go right.  This episode of Smack Down featured some welcome changes for viewers.  There were 3 previously unseen wrestlers on the show & although 2 of them were jobbers to the Wyatt family, one was Billie Kay from NXT.  Another wrestler that didn’t need a special avenue or angle to get ring time.  I hope more wrestlers make their way onto the main roster in this fashion.  It doesn’t bring the same weighty expectations that a grandiose debut carries.  We were also treated to 3 main story lines.  I don’t think any fans felt like the show was being squeezed or overloaded, which was another nice change.  In fact, the show began in fantastic form….one that has worked well in the past.  A huge match was instantly shown as an on-screen graphic & then was followed by short video promos by all the competitors.  That match was…..


Fatal 4-way for #1 contender for U.S. Championship

Cesaro, Sheamus, Apollo Crews, & Alberto Del Rio

fatal 4 way

The winner of the match would face Rusev, for the U.S. Championship, later in the episode!  That’s a great way to grab your attention in the first few minutes.  The match was very entertaining as seen here:

Cesaro won by locking in the sharpshooter on Del Rio, but as you saw in the video, was attacked by Del Rio post victory.  Rusev appeared to not only tell Cesaro to face him immediately, but would also call him a coward as Cesaro was being helped to the locker room by referees.  Naturally, Cesaro didn’t take too kindly to that accusation.  Cesaro changed his mind & accepted Rusev’s challenge…..

U.S. Championship “Matchka”

Rusev v Cesaro

Following that earlier attack by Del Rio, Cesaro was grimacing & holding his ribs.  He continued to sell that injury throughout this match.  Although he is known as the “Swiss Superman”, tonight he was also the “Swiss Salesman”.

Two very good matches for Cesaro, back to back.  Many wrestlers are lucky to have one good match per night & Cesaro had two consecutively!  Ultimately Rusev won, but this elongated segment lasted over 30 minutes from the beginning of Smack Down.  I can tell you that it really went by fast & I was very impressed with how this episode began.


Billy Kay v Dana Brooke/Sasha Banks v Summer Rae

There’s a reason that I combined both womens’ matches into this section because Smack Down blended one match perfectly into the other.  The first match featured the Smack Down television debut of Billie Kay.


Billie Kay is a great worker as she has shown at NXT.  Tonight she faced another woman who recently ascended from NXT, Dana Brooke.

Although the match was not very long & Dana won, Sasha Banks was shown backstage immediately afterwards.

Sasha has her eyes on Charlotte’s Women’s Championship & Sasha had Dana in her submission hold this past Monday on Raw.  Renee Young interviewed Sasha about her current situations & Sasha had a very strong promo about Charlotte, but she would be interrupted by Summer Rae.  This would lead to a match between the two later that, surprisingly, was very good.  I expected Sasha to be good as always, but Summer Rae had a great match.

 This entire women’s segment was very well crafted & flowed together seamlessly.  Great job by the Smack Down team.

Dean Ambrose/Miz

Smack Down promoted an episode of MizTV with special guest Dean Ambrose.  If you can’t guess how that’s going to end, here’s all the proof you need:

Thankfully the video explained most of the high jinx in the segment.  It’s odd to mention the champ used the white suit jacket of another champion to wipe mustard off his chin.  There was also an argument over whose interview segment was better, MizTV or the Ambrose Asylum.  Eventually, all of this led to a champion v champion match to close the show.  Both Ambrose & Miz showed why they’re holding their respective belts.

Dean’s charisma makes up for a lot in my opinion.  He’s a very good brawler & does take some high risks in the ring, but Miz is the complete wrestler here.  He can work strong as a brawler, can work technical with submissions, & can also showcase his skills as a high flyer.  If all that isn’t enough, he also has Maryse.  She has been the single piece missing from his character for a long time.  Even when Miz was paired with Sandow, it wasn’t helping further his character.  Right now, Miz & Maryse are in a very good spot heading forward.


As always, thanks for reading!

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