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OTOGH: Rangers Down But Still On Top

Who has the best record in baseball, no it’s not the Chicago Cubs, while they have won 51 games like the Rangers they have not played as many games so with a 51 and 28 record the Rangers are number one. Pardon me as I do a happy dance.

RangersYankeesRainDelayNow as a die hard Ranger fan there is nothing that I love more then going to Yankee stadium and wiping the floor with the Yankees, and yes the Rangers lost Wednesday’s game. The series has been a crazy one to say the least, Game one, with the Rangers losing and the rain coming down I thought the game would be called and the Rangers would lose, but Yankees manager Joe Girardi, starts complaining to the umps about the field conditions, all they needed was some drying compound and a new pitcher (Chapman could not find the strike zone to save his life.) and the game could have gone on. But what did the umps decide to do?! They put the game on Rain Delay with one inning to go. Jeff Bannister was mad, it had been raining at that volume for a while there was no reason to stop now. But the tarp went on and the delay went on and on from Monday into Tuesday, I know because I waited out the 3 and a half hour rain delay to watch it rain down on the Yankees, and we came back and won, 9 to 6 with the Rangers scoring 4 runs in the 9th inning. Thanks to the bats of Adrian Beltre and Elvis Andrus,The Rangers brought in Sam Dyson to close it up, while I was a little nervous because Dyson had been used alot he got the job done. The game ended at 1:45 am Texas time. There was like 10 people in the stadium when it was over.RangersGatoride

I am sure CC Sabathia is a good pitcher, but the Rangers have had his number, and to start off Tuesday’s game with a 2 run home run from Adrian Beltre, was the best way to start the game, and then it was a real pitchers duel with Sabathia and Cole Hamels coming in for the Rangers, it was 2 -0 in favor of the Rangers until the 8th innings when we unloaded on Sabathia and chased him out. There were no big home runs just good solid hitting, and we got some important bats back. mostly Prince Fielder has shown in this series whatever was bothering him is no longer an issues and Normar Mazara who had been slumping is starting to come out of it with good solid hits. The Ranger’s won Tuesday’s game 7 to 1.

Wednesday’s game with the Yankees, was fun at first but then we showed our weakness and its the bullpen. Normar Mazara gets a three run double and a Rougned Odor home run and some great singles from Elvis Andrus and Prince Fielder. This game was going great when in the top of the 8th Adrian Beltre hit a home run and it was 7 to 2 going into the 9th, then Brian McCann gets a home run and I think ok, that’s it. it’s 7 to 3, Then all hell broke loose and the Yankees had a 6 run 9th inning. A few singles and the Brian McCann home run ties the game. The last hit was a walk off home run by DiDi Gregorius to make it 7 to 9 Yankees Win. Sam Dyson was pitching and the pitch didn’t look bad but Gregorius got it up and out for the win.

Here is a fun fact. The Rangers have not lost two games in a row since May 18. While, this year Yankees are not the stellar competition they have been in years past there is just something wonderful about beating the Yankees in Yankee Stadium and if the Rangers do that they also add to their series streak which is at 13.

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