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Top Ten Thursday


  1. Texas Rangers


Last week: #3

The Rangers were the first team to 50 wins. I have to give it up to them and give them the number one spot this week. Hopefully the challenge of having three starting pitchers on the disabled list doesn’t slow them down.

  1. Chicago Cubs


Last week: #1

Well, the Cubs proved that they are human. They still have a huge lead in the NL Central and are still the best team in baseball, despite going through a little slump. No need to hit the panic button right now.

  1. San Francisco Giants


Last week: #2

The Giants are battling the Rangers and Cubs to become the number one team in baseball. Brandon Belt is hitting like an All-Star and the rotation keeps pumping out quality starts.

  1. Cleveland Indians


Last week: #7

Two words: Winning. Streak.

  1. Baltimore Orioles


Last week: #5

Baltimore has power up and down their lineup. The offense is rolling.

  1. Washington Nationals


Last week: #4

With Stephen Strasburg on the disabled list, hopefully the number one pitching prospect that is Lucas Giolito can fill that void.

  1. Boston Red Sox


Last week: #6

I mentioned that depth was a major problem for Boston last week. Well, starting pitching is also a problem.

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers


Last week: N/A

Corey Seager started the season as the number one prospect in baseball and he is definitely living up to that title.

  1. Houston Astros


Last week: N/A

Carlos Correa’s power surge put the Astros on my list.

  1. Toronto Blue Jays


Last week: #8

Devon Travis is filling the void of Jose Bautista, who is currently on the disabled list.


Left off the list this week:

New York Mets (Last week: #9)

The Mets’ offensive flaws and their inability to play situational baseball continues to hurt them.

Kansas City Royals (Last week: #10)

The Royals have some pitching problems that they are dealing with, but the problems shouldn’t last long.

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