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The idea of San Francisco Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner participating in the Home Run Derby just got a bit more interesting. If he becomes the first pitcher to participate in the event, thousands of dollars could be donated to a charity.

MadisonBumgarnerCarharttCarhartt, a company that sells workwear, has vowed to donate $1,000 for every home run Bumgarner hits in the Home Run Derby. Bumgarner has worked with Carhartt in the past, and the company currently supports his “Strikeouts for Vets” campaign. As part of that campaign, the company donates $500 each time Bumgarner strikes out a batter. Bumgarner has raised $57,500 thus far this season.

If Bumgarner is allowed in the Home Run Derby, Carharrt will donate $1,000 per home run to Helmets to Hardhats, a non-profit that helps military service members transition to civilian life by helping them find jobs.

In a press release, Carhartt’s vice president of marketing Tony Ambroza seemed fairly confident in Bumgarner’s abilities.
“Madison will likely end his career as baseball’s most prolific, all-time home run hitting pitcher. In addition, we have seen first-hand the power he has swinging an axe on his ranch,” said Tony Ambroza, senior vice president of marketing at Carhartt. “So we are hoping baseball will give him a chance to put on a show in San Diego and raise a lot of money for our service men and women seeking to transition into civilian life.”

There’s a lot to break down in there, so let’s quickly take it sentence by sentence.

MadBumHomeRunThe first one … seems like some extreme flattery. It’s not that we doubt Bumgarner, but saying he’s the “most prolific, all-time home run hitting pitcher” is oddly specific and feels like a hot take. But we get it. You work with the guy, so you might as well pump up his abilities.

The second sentence is the most Madison Bumgarner thing we’ve ever read. Bumgarner is known for his lumberjack lifestyle away from the game, and now this just adds to his legend. If you read that sentence are were told it was about a baseball player, you would immediately guess Bumgarner, right?

Finally, we get to the third sentence. That’s really the heart of the issue. It’s unclear whether Major League Baseball has any intention of letting Bumgarner participate in the event.

There’s been talk about creating a new event for pitchers, but that’s not what is being referenced here. Bumgarner wants to prove himself against real, major-league hitters, and now that a charity stands to benefit, maybe that will influence the decision-makers over at MLB.

So, if you want to complain about Bumgarner being a part of the Home Run Derby, just remember that his participation will benefit a good cause. The ball is now in MLB’s court … or diamond … as to whether that actually happens.

Would you like to see Madison Bumgarner in the Home Run Derby? Comment below.

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