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Another Reason Your Kids Should Play Baseball

AndrewLuckFistPumpWednesday’s big news, at least from the NFL, was the fact that Andrew Luck signed a big extension. So big in fact, that with it he becomes the highest paid player in the NFL. The maximum value of the contract can be a shade under $140 million combined over the next 6 seasons. But why does this mean that your kids should play baseball?

Well, we already know about the long term and short term ramifications of concussions that multiple athletes have suffered playing football. Now we have a new reason to play baseball. Luck is the highest paid NFL player. But 29 other baseball players are paid more than Andrew Luck. Yes, 29.

The biggest ever belongs to Giancarlo Stanton, with a 13-year, $325 million monstrosity. There’s an opt-out, sure, but Stanton doesn’t have to opt out. Basically, if he wants it, he can’t make less than $325 million. Alex Rodriguez is almost done with his $275 million deal while Miguel Cabrera’s in the midst of a $248 million deal. Robinson Cano and Albert Pujols each have a $240 million deal while Joey Votto is at $225 million.

Photo by: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Photo by: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Here are the names of the other MLB players who make more than Andrew Luck; David PriceClayton KershawPrince FielderMax ScherzerZack GreinkeCC SabathiaJason HeywardJoe MauerMark TeixeiraFelix HernandezStephen StrasburgBuster PoseyJustin VerlanderChris DavisMatt KempTroy Tulowitzki,Masahiro TanakaJon LesterAdrian GonzalezJacoby EllsburyMike Trout and Cole Hamels.

Just for fun, here is a list of 5 more MLB players that are within $10 Million of the “mega” deal signed by Luck. They are; David Wright, Freddie Freeman, Justin Upton, Shin-Soo-Choo and Johnny Cueto.

The other thing you need to remember, is that in the NFL a contract is worth a certain dollar amount, then it is guaranteed a smaller amount. Like in the Luck deal, it is worth just shy $140 Million, yet the guarantee is barley over half that amount at $87 Million. In baseball, worth and guarantee is the same thing in every contract, a player is guaranteed every dollar the contract is worth.

Bottom line , teach your kid to play baseball.

Parts of this article were taken from an article written by Matt Snyder.

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