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The Raw Truth

FatalFourWayRawThe show starts with Seth Rollins coming to the ring and giving a great promo that cleverly mentions the “mistake” that Roman Reigns made in failing a wellness test. Then Dean comes out and takes up for Reigns saying we all make “mistakes” and saying that he is still in the main event at Battleground as far as he is concerned. AJ then comes out to rather large crowd pop and throws his hat into the same main event. Followed shortly by John “WWE Birthday Boy” Cena doing the same. Stephanie then comes out says Shane is not in attendance, as they fight every week for power, and makes 2 matches AJ vs Ambrose and Cena vs Rollins and says if Cena wins he added and the same for AJ. She also shows her displeasure that Ambrose is Champion.

Paige and Sasha Banks vs Charlotte and Dana Brooke

The “Hot Tag” that Paige did was great. The match ending was predictable, but the content of the match was decent.

Rusev vs Titus O’Neil

RusevVStitusThis was a match of two huge talented men. The crowd was really behind Titus and he received a count out victory over Rusev which hopefully means that this will be a competitive rivalry. I was a little afraid this was going to be a rivalry dominated by Rusev to make him look very strong. But honestly, Rusev can still look strong even if he looses, and it would be great to see Titus get a push.

Nice backstage Cliffhanger involving Miz, Kane and Stephanie. Even though Stephanie did not get out Champ……ionship all in one word and almost cracked up laughing at herself.

John will host the ESPYS?


John Cena vs Seth Rollins

Crowd was really into the match. The Rollins neck breaker off the top rope is one of the best moves in wrestling by any performer. An almost as good tornado DDT of the top rope by Cena. Lots of great spots in the match. Ending is having The Club interfere so Cena could loose. I am sure the favor will be returned later in the show.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass squash two nobodies. And do the really annoying wave. Then the Social Outcasts come out, and get squashed as well. But, I think the WWE id going to split up Enzo and Big Cass at the draft. You read it hear first.

Summer Rae vs Becky Lynch with Natalya on Commentary

Becky Lynch goes right after Natalya and the match never even starts.

So the last 30 minutes has been a waste.

The Highlight Reel with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

HighlightReelSuperkickWay to much of the show seems to be pointing to the Draft, that takes place on the secondary show, Smackdown. I don’t like it at all and this Highlight Reel feels the exact same way. Zayn and Owens will have one more match before they are split up and put on different shows. Jericho is the best host as towards the end he antagonizes both of them so much that they both superkick him to end the segment. Will Jericho have a part in their match at Battleground? I can see him being the ref and costing one of them the match, and being drafted to the same show to build a rivalry, most likely with Zayn.

Miz vs Demon Kane

First the commentators go to great lengths to tell the audience that this is the alter ego of Kane. There is Corporate Kane and Demon Kane. The match was dominated by Kane. Then as he was going for the fatal choke slam, Maryse gets up on the apron and twists her ankle as she falls to the outside. Mix then goes out to attend to her and takes the countout loss carrying her to the back. After the commercial we see that she was just acting. Miz thinks she should receive an Oscar for that performance.

Cesaro and Appolo Crews vs Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus

Actually a good match with the ending as Del Rio leaving Sheamus in the ring for Appolo Crews to pin for the win. A good match that will start a rivalry between ADR and Sheamus. But I really like the story developing between Sheamus and Crews so I have mixed feelings about what rivalry I want to see.

It’s the NEW DAY!NewDayasWyatts

The New Day comes out in outfits that makes fun of the Wyatt Family and they roast them for about 5 minutes. Then out come the Wyatt’s and the mood changes. These two are great at delivering promos. But, what I don’t understand is if why these two 3 member teams were going to clash then why did they not allow a different team to get the tag team titles? Also, I like the mystery that is developing between the Wyatt’s and Xavier Woods. This has the potential to be a great rivalry and a better set of matches.

AJ Styles vs Dean Ambrose with Seth Rollins on commentary

It was a good match between two good wrestlers, but it was hard to enjoy because you knew in the end Cena was going to cost AJ the match. There were some really good moments in the match, but it ended as we all knew it would. Therefore, we were left dissapointed and wondering why we wasted 3 hours of our time on a predictable event.

Overall the show started off above average, really slowed in the middle, and picked back up again twards the end. I would give this episode of Monday Night Raw a C-. I wonder if they felt they really had no other competition on television tonight, and therefore could just give us a bland predictable 3 hours?

Best Match– I am going to give it to the ladies, Paige and Sasha Banks vs Charlotte and Dana Brooke

Best Mic Work– The exchange between New Day and the Wyatts.

Until next week……..that’s the Raw Truth!





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