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Atlanta Hawks: Can We Be Patient?

The draft is in rear view, and it’s on to July 1st when Free Agency Starts. I can guarantee one thing, there is unrest after the draft for Hawks fans, as well as the coming disappointment from them should they not make the big splash on the free agent market. Now, I know what your thinking, “who can we get?” Well technically you can get anybody, it’s all just a matter of trying. Below I’m going to outline a few players that could help the Hawks, and what it could do for them should they bring them to the city of Atlanta.

1)Mike Conley PG Memhis Grizzlies

Mike Conley pic2

Although his 3pt% is nothing to boast about, a 15 and 6 guy that can lock down his opponent on the ball is good enough for me. Although he was limited to 56 games last season, when Conley is on the floor, his presence is felt. When you have a Kyrie Irving, John Wall or Russell Westbrook on your scouting report, this is the guy to help you stop them.



2)Harrison Barnes SF Golden State Warriors

Harrison Barnes pic

Nothing but a raise in his stats every year for the 4 year man out of of UNC. Whether you start him or bring him off the bench he will be big. Many will question what he deserves after his performance in the Finals, but any team (and that includes the Warriors) will be smart to remind him of it. He made a little less than 4 Million in Golden State, and will see a big pay increase regardless of where he goes. With his athletic ability, and nice stroke from the inside out, the Hawks can’t go wrong if they pursue him.


3)Dwight Howard C Houston Rockets


His maturity, his drive, his health yes all of this comes into question. One thing you can’t deny, is that if the Hawks keep Paul, and Al, and get this guy here, the inside out offensive play as well as interior defense for the Hawks will be nearly impossible to stop. This is one of the few players left that is able to put their back to the basket and capitalize. All this being said, the Atlanta Native could also help his team attract some of the other valuable free agents to come to the city.



4)Hassan Whiteside C Miami Heat

Nov 23, 2015; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside (21) controls the basket ball away from New York Knicks forward Kristaps Porzingis (6) during the first half at American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Many teams will be standing in line to talk to the “walking double-double” after his impressive season with Miami. 13 pts and 11 rbs is plenty enough to help any team, especially the Hawks in particular who had trouble over the years rebounding the basketball. The main concern with Whiteside is his motive of foul first, stop later mentality, that put Erik Spoelstra in tough positions to decide whether he wanted to keep him on the floor or not. It may sound like a tough task, but with training and experience in these situations, Whiteside will prove more than valuable on the Hawks roster, and at both ends of the floor.


5)Nicolas Batum SF Charlotte Hornets

Nicolas Batum pic

After having a bounce back season in Charlotte notching up 15 pts 6 rbs and 5 ast, Batum has long proved he’s worth every penny. The 6’8 swingman from France is athletic enough to slash and finish, while also being able to defend most points on the floor outside of the paint. He’s not the type you can force feed the ball when you need a bucket, but if you happen to find him the ball he’s set to go.



6)Kevin Durant SF Oklahoma City Thunder


The number one prize this off-season, will not be the easiest to convince, but if he does say yes it will change the shape of the entire city without question. A superstar that can play inside and out, nearly impossible to stop because of his size, ability, and athleticism, will bring the Hawks from pretender, to contender. Should the Hawks sway him, Al Horford will end up staying at center most likely, but he will not be depended on to score at the end of games.

Do any of these players seem reasonable? Did I forget anyone that the Hawks have a chance to get, or should go after? Comment below!


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