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Welcome to Dodger Town #7: Heating up

What’s going on here? Are they waking up? Is one of the most talented rosters in the league finally getting it together?  It sure looks like the Dodgers are hitting their stride. Unsurprisingly quite a few hitters are red hot, Justin Turner is hitting .300 in his last 6 games Chase Utley continues to perform and in his last 11 at bats Yasiel has 5 hits including a home run.yasielPuig

I don’t want to jinx his recent run but I’ll say this, if Yasiel can start swinging the bat the Dodgers will be in tremendous shape. Meanwhile Corey Seager remains one of the best rookies this season( Is rookie of the year even debatable at this point?). Even though the Dodger lost tonight (Friday night) to the Pirates, Mr. Seager had a whopping 4 hits in 5 at bats. In his last 25 at bats?  He’s 14/25. Do that math to find his batting average and let your mind explode. The Dodgers are now sitting at 41-34 which makes all of Dodger nation happy I’m sure. (the further away they get from that miserable .500 the better we all sleep at night). The only unfortunate part of this run is that the Giants still show zero sign of slowing. 9-1 in their last 10 the Giants are just chugging right along.

Nick-Tepesch-Yasmani-GrandalThe problem once again plaguing the Dodgers is the starting rotation. The starting pitchers still aren’t going as deep into the game as they need to be and are putting unnecessary stress on the bullpen. The latest Dodger pitcher to under-perform is Nick Tepesch going 4 innings while giving up 7 hits and 5 runs. That will simply not get the Job done. Dodger nation is eagerly awaiting the return of both Hyun Jun Ryu and Brandon McCarthy to hopefully bolster the starting rotation. The starting rotation has had its share of misfortune with all the injuries since spring training and during the season. That however, doesn’t matter to the Giants or the rest of the league. in their last 40 games the dodgers are 23-17 meanwhile the Giants are 31-9. That is the best Giants streak since 1954 when they also won the World Series. I try to keep reminding myself that this is a marathon not a sprint. It’s a long season but the Giants are STILL  not slowing down.  As with all sports it’s next man up and the Dodgers “next man up” has failed the team to many times to count. Let’s hope for a quick return for Ryu and McCarthy. With the All Star break just around the bend the Dodgers will get some rest and a chance to see where they are at in the grand scheme of things. Hopefully this fire doesn’t die out soon. The Giants won’t keep this pace the whole season but when they do slip the Dodgers need to be right there to Catch up.

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